Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Baby Shower for Kitten

I am back at home now and slowly starting to back into the normal groove of things around here. Well my new little niece Kitten had a fun baby shower while I was in Regina, SK. We smelled and tasted baby food, wracked our brains with memory and guessing games and played gift bingo. My sister Kim made the diaper banner and a really cute diaper cake. Kitten got more gifts than I have ever seen at any type of shower. They just kept coming and coming. Grandma and Mom (or should I say Grandma and Great Grandma?) made strawberry shortcake, Aunts Y and G (great Aunts???) provided fruit kabobs and fruit dips that were so yummy, and there were all sorts of pink candies as well. I made chocolate dipped pretzels and Aunt Y made a cute bassinet shaped basket for them. There were about 30 people at the shower. It was fun for me to able to get together one more time with the ladies from where I grew up. I really do miss them all! Click on any photo to view full size.

Kitten's Great Grandma C, Mommy and Grandma B.

Grandma B with Kitten's Daddy's Mom and Grandma. All the grandmas got to take turns holding her.

Emily, Sweetpea and my cousins daughter Addy.

Nadia hiding from the camera during the baby food game.

Kitten, me and Anna.

Kitten models herJohn Deere "Johnny Popper" cowboy boots. A gift from Vicky Clark.


  1. Cute pictures! but i noticed a teeny little error! its Avah, with an "H", silly!

  2. Yikes!!! Sorry. Of course I totally know that. Is it fixed now or did I type it in more than one place? I meant to use Kitten instead anyways lol.

  3. Welcome home! Great pictures,that very last one of kitten in her boots is adorable! Someone sent Katelynn that identical pair of boots. So cute!

  4. hey i went to your sisters blog but i can't leave comments so you should fix it for her :)

  5. Ack, I just had a blogger error trying to leave a comment....so here we go again.
    Your pics turned out great! The one of you and I is way better than the one i took on my camera. What a fun night!!!

  6. Oh, and in that bottom photo, Avah totally looks like a mini Holly, wow!


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