Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Trip Home

I have been at home for a while now, but I am finally caught up on sleep and as of yesterday, fully unpacked. I know that is pretty late for finally getting unpacked, but it was a big job! I did some shopping for my birthday while I was in Regina, and also helped my sister Kim clean her room. Cleaning her room was more than just throwing away garbage, dusting and putting things away though! We went through all her clothing and gathered two large garbage bags of clothing to donate. Which means that I came home with at least 7 or 8 items. It was a lot of fun and it felt good to spend some time together in the same way that we used to when I lived there with my family.

Here are some photographs of my trip home.

Wolf Point Montana is where my dad dropped me off to catch the train. About 6 people got on the train here. It is a tiny little building, with a gravel parking lot that you have to drive across various train tracks to get to. Very primitive! Before Dad dropped me off, we were able to eat some lunch at the same place that Mom, Dad and I had eaten dinner the night that they picked me up. A neat little home-style diner run by christians with great food for a good price called the Old Town Grill. You order using old red telephones that are at each table, which I thought was really neat.

The photo of the Canadian Mountie and Sheriff statue is metal and huge and is located in the Hands Across the Border park at the BNSF Depot/Havre train station in Havre Montana. The photo below is of an old train at the Depot. This was one of the "fresh air stops" where we were allowed to go out and walk around for a few minutes.

Montana Sunset

At Spokane WA, the train splits into two. Half of it goes to Seattle and the other half goes to Portland, OR. I was in the middle of the train when I went to bed, and this was my view from the back door when I woke up. These two photos were taken during our trip over the pass. It was definitely weird to be the last car on the train! It is a lot bumpier than being in the middle that's for sure.

Going a little faster now!

A silhouette view of the Everett, WA train station. I was able to get off here instead of continuing on to Seattle! I was glad because it meant that I would see The Mr. that much sooner!


  1. Glad you are back safe and had a great trip!

  2. How long did that train ride take?

  3. 22 hours. I like it so much that it almost felt too short though. (Of course that was only on the way there, on the way back I just wanted to see The Mr ASAP.)


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