Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Walk With Dad

I went for a walk in the valley with my dad the other day. It was something I really wanted to do while visiting here on the farm. The valley is a peice of amazing property that my parents own and that their home overlooks. This is one of my most favorite places to be and I have so many memories surrounding it. Growing up we would hike and play in it, snowmobile and tobaggan through it, hold picnics in it over the May long weekend, camp in it and sometimes raise cattle in it. There is a road that runs through it leading you to the picnic area complete with stream, fire pit and of course- outhouse. When I think of the valley, I get all squishy inside and just want to take my sleeping bag and a bag of marshmallows and camp out for a while. Of course not in November.

Jet Stream

The view from the top of the road. Qu'appelle Valley.

The outhouse near the picnic area. It is not usually visable, but since the leaves are off the trees, I thought it made a neat photo.

Porcupine Tree- the porcupine eats the bark off the tree and it becomes knarly. I always thought they were neat looking. This one has been a porcupine tree since I was young. It is at the very bottom of our toboggan hill.

The old truck my dad is working on for a friend.

Land of living skies.


  1. Love the photos. That scenery is so cool and so different from around here - it makes me want to travel! :)

  2. That looks really neat! Visiting home is so often bitter-sweet . . . Glad you're having fun.

  3. Awww, brings back great chilhood memories. I loved coming out to your farm!

  4. Oh, how I want to join you with a sleeping bag and bag of marshmallows, or perhaps a baseball mitt too. Such good memories! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. It sounds and looks like such a neat place. Looks like you have some very nice weather! Awesome!

  6. It looks nice Sarah, but it is cold enough to see your breath most of the time. :)

  7. I second Anna - this totally brings back memories. I miss the baseball games.


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