Monday, July 2, 2007


I will never tire of walking to the waterfront. I love casual strolls down to the water with my husband and my camera. It is so relaxing. I know that my posts have been a little word-thin these days, but it's summer. I would rather be outside but I am still highly attached to my blog, and I love photography. So therefore photos are becoming a large part of this blog. The other night The Mr. and I went for a walk and here are some shots I caught that evening. I loved the light. It defines the carefree summer evenings. The scent of bonfires in the air and new mown grass, the sound of kids playing nearby and waves lapping the shore as the tide flows... ah, how wonderful.

Yummy ice cream!

Beautiful sky.

View the whole set of photos by clicking the album below.

June 25th An evening walk to the bay.

I feel bad that there wasn't a special post for The Mr. since it was his birthday yesterday. BUT - he is very satisfied with his pile of Starbucks cards from various family members. We also came home yesterday to six messages on the phone. Thank you to everyone that called. :) He also has lots of candy from my Grandma and various other birthday gifts. The computer desk is littered with birthday cards. Thank you everyone!

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