Friday, June 29, 2007

The Draw of Water

Something that I enjoy every year at Walla Walla conference, is watching the little kids that are drawn to the water. This year no one fell in that I know of, which is nice. No one likes to walk around in sopping wet clothes! I took a lot of pictures so I will just keep this short and share the photographs.

Ella and Katilyn join in on the boyish fun, pink bows and all.

Katilyn. Ella looks like she is about to topple over into the water in this photo.

Mischeivo, from over here.

John Mark

Here fishy fishy fishy!

Grace and Tanner. "Making Potatoes." A girl can join in with boyish fun, but she tends to domesticate it!

Jacob, Jason, Kevin and Will.

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  1. Very cute pictures! we missed that part of conference since we were so busy. It's fun to see all the kids enjoying the water glad no one fell in this year.


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