Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Iceburg

No, this post isn't going to be about a large chunk of ice floating in the Antarctic. It's about food! When we were in Walla Walla for the bible conference, Phone Guy, Princess and Chip went out to eat with us at The Iceburg. "Experience a Legend" is their slogan, and they live up to it. The Iceburg is a drive through or walk up restaurant that serves really really good shakes, hamburgers and fries. I am sure they have other menu items, but that is all we order when we go there, so we wouldn't know. I highly suggest that anyone stopping in, or driving through Walla Walla hit The Iceburg.


Chip again, this time in front of The Iceburg.

Phone Guy and The Mr. put in the orders.

Smile! (If your not already smiling, this photo will make you.)

Princess in pink, Phone guy and Chip.

"Experience a Legend"

Click the album below to view the rest of my photos from Walla Walla conference. There are some adorable ones of Drooler somewhere in there too.
June 22-24/07 Walla Walla Conference

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  1. I remember that place! Great food!! I did smile at those pics, thanks for sharing. :)


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