Monday, June 4, 2007

Just what we need...

After a very long stretch of beautiful sunny warm days, it is raining today! I think it is just what we need. The air needed to be cleaned of pollen and the grass and flowers needed a good watering. Hopefully my poppies and flax will put it to good use and grow a little faster. They will be red and blue and I am hoping they will add some summery color to my flower beds. I am getting impatient! I have been walking for about 50 min daily, (Mon.- Fri.) and I know that will be a lot harder in the rain, but I still want to try and do it. I guess I will just wear a rain jacket and expect to get wet. :) I don't want to break my habit.

On Saturday I hung out here at the house for a bit with Drooler and Heidi while the guys joined a large group of friends to mountain bike on Mt. Galbraith in Bellingham. Heidi and I went shopping in the afternoon around the outlet stores, Bellisfair Mall and Value Village (pronounced Val-oo Vi-lawge.) I was able to drop off most of the stuff that I decluttered the other day, which felt really good. Drooler really does need a new nickname soon, since he is drooling less now. He has cut four teeth, the middle top and bottom teeth. He is crawling, squirming, learning a lot and is as cute as ever.

At 6pm we joined everyone at Doc and Bashful's house for a buffalo BBQ! It was so yummy. BBQ buffalo burgers and all sorts of salads and sides. They even had Buffalo dogs for the kids. We played on their new trampoline, read and sang. One of my favorite parts of the night was the singing because we got to sing along with guitar and cello. Doc played guitar and violin and his brother played cello. It was so nice. Cello is one of my favorite instruments to listen to.

Lord's day was all day meeting in Marysville, which was really nice. After, we went to the Lake Stevens disc golf course again and played a game with Sallad and Grace, and LeAnne A.


  1. I thought you were losing weight! 50 minutes of walking a day can only help!

  2. Wish I could come join you for your walks, I need an incentive! We do get out most days but usually only if there's someone to come along. The fresh smell after a good rain is a favorite of mine!

  3. hey frisbee golf was fun. we have to play sometime up here somewhere. i checked online and there's one that shouldn't be too far in Kitsilano.

  4. Your blog is very entertaining to read! I love your flower pictures that you have some talent that you should pursue. btw, I love the cello too, and it's one of my earthly ambitions to learn to play it someday! Good for you on the does take a lot of determination to keep it up.


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