Monday, May 28, 2007


Recently, I have spent a couple of days Decluttering our home. There is now a huge pile in the garage of things I have been given and can't use, things I have collected, things The Mr. has collected, old sports equipment, things we don't use, things I don't like etc. I started in the kitchen, went through every cupboard, then did the same in all the other areas of the house. When I pack it all into the car, it should almost fill it. It will be such a good feeling to drop it all off and know that someone else might find a use for it even though I didn't. Going through a huge box of memorabilia, I came across a lot of photos of myself and The Mr. and art we made when we were little. I thought it would be fun to share a few pictures. These are photos of photos, so quality isn't great.

Chatty with Mommy and Daddy. My mom just gave me this baby dress last year and I didn't realize until today that it was the one in this photograph. I found it while decluttering today.

Chatty wearing mommy's sunglasses. I remember this maroon Suburban and have a lot of memories. One of them includes ice fishing, maybe that is where this took place? The scenery in the back ground definitely looks flat enough. You would never get a picture like that here in WA unless you were at the ocean!My Grandpa C with my sister and I. I loved that table and chairs in the background.

The Mr! I LOVE those overalls.
The Mr. and his younger brother (who is called "Sallad" around here.)


  1. Wow! I remember that old suburban too, since my dad bought it from yours way back when. By the time my family was done with it it was a heap of rust. Katie and I would bounce a basket ball on the street and if it hit the truck a shower of rust would sprinkle down on the ground.

  2. WOW, great job with the decluttering! I had been on a Spring Cleaning kick a couple weeks back and have been so busy with other things I've not had an opportunity to get back in the swing of it all.

    I really should start in the kitchen too. MAN, I have like NO cabinet space...and presently all my cabinet doors are off to be painted. Maybe I should work on getting THAT part done first! LOL

    Can you send some of your motivation MY way? Thanks!

  3. Great pictures! -SF

  4. Very cute pictures! Decluttering feels so good when your all finished. I need to do some more of it. I think we'll have another garage sale this year.

  5. Oh Anna, I totally forgot that you guys owned that Suburban after us. :)

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I am continuing on the decluttering journey today. Today I am doing the last room in the house, but its such a big job. It is a spare room that stores all my craft supplies, sewing things, toys for the kids that visit, things I am saving for later on in life etc. Crazy.

  6. I wish I had the energy to declutter! I'm slowly doing that around my house. I would like to have my house totally in order and everything in its own place by conference. I don't know if I can do that or not.
    I love the picture of the Mr. and Sallad. So cute!!!

  7. Hey you can come declutter my house next! Man that sounds like a good idea. Wish I had time for it. Thats a cute pics of mr and Sallad. How is Sallad and his wife doing anyways?

  8. They are doing great! They own a little house in Lynwood, Wa and they just renovated. They have been busy with the renovations but it looks great.


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