Friday, May 25, 2007

A Shopping Day

Drooler took his mommy and I for a day out shopping yesterday. I say it like that, because he was very good the whole time, which gave us the ability to shop! We went to a few different places, but the specific ones that really stick out in my mind are the change room mirror at Gap (see photo below) and the craziness at Daiso Japan. At Gap, Drooler ended up with this shirt. His mommy ended up with these. She was spending a gift card that she had carried around in her wallet for a couple of years- I say it was about time!

Whoa- all those babies look the same!

Daiso Japan is a new store that is "sweeping the nation." It has been in Japan for years, and has been in Richmond, BC for a while now and the Bellingham store just opened this summer. It is like the Japanese version of a fancy dollar store that has everything. Below I will paste some interesting links to show you what it's like. One of them even mentions Richmond. The stores in North America are advertised as being an exact replica of their stores in Japan, and are so entertaining to walk through. Everything is in Japanese, so they have price stickers on the shelf with the English words. They carry everything you can think of, hanging from the roof, walls, stacked on shelves with sliding layers etc. They carry the coolest dishes, (everything you need to serve a proper Japanese meal) neat notebooks and papers, wood items, tons and tons of plastic bins and storage baskets.... the list could go on and on. I bought some cute, retro looking chicken plates. I don't know what for- but I thought kids would like to use them when they come over. It was interesting seeing the Japanese newspaper they wrap the breakables in, and the spelling and grammar mistakes on the packagings.

My chicken plates and the Japanese newspaper

"Natural Interior, Let's choose according to your feeling. Wish that you have a nice day."

Daiso Japan Links:
1st USA store


  1. Awesome, I wish we had one here. Those chicken plates rock!!

  2. I agree about the chicken plates. I think I am going to go back and get two more- to make it a set of 4.

  3. That picture of Drooler is adorable! It looks professional! Sf

  4. Thanks! I wish it was a little clearer though. It was fun watching his reactions every time he moved.

  5. hey i want to go there! i should go between mtg some time.


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