Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tagged- Sometimes I Just Love Spam

I was struggling with what to post for today, so I decided to check a few of my friends blogs and see if I got inspired. Well, I got tagged instead. :) Thanks Anna! Now I need to reveal seven quirky things about myself. That is something I am not confident that I can do. Let's wing it and see how it goes.

1. When I have a lot of work to do, I like to plan to get it all done before noon. Then I procrastinate till about 8 pm and get it all done before 10pm. For example, last night at 8 pm, I finished the laundry, re-potted 4 plants, baked a dessert for The Mr.'s lunches, dusted the living room, picked up the mail, put my all my shoes away, did the dishes and tidied up the whole house.

2. I think thrift shopping is relaxing. Some people are completely overwhelmed by thrift stores, but I find them fascinating. I can spend an hour in a thrift store, come out with one item I paid a dollar for and be happy about it.

3. I do not know my multiplication tables past 2. I know some here and there, but not very many. I am just not a numbers kind of person, and never was able to learn them. I was so happy that when I went to the U of R, they allowed calculators at tests. I scored the highest grade I had ever had in a math class and was close to the top of the class.

4. I play the piano and type, but rarely with the right fingers, which used to frustrate my teachers.

5. I love cheap salad. I just bought a huge bag of pre-mixed salad at Costco for a couple dollars. Ice burg lettuce, slivered carrots and purple cabbage. Yum!

6. Nothing on my walls match. They are such a mis-match of wedding gifts, thrift store finds, texts and my favorite things. The weird thing is that it doesn't bother me. Yet.

7. You would think that scrapbooking would be more of a winter craft, but now that it is summer, I am more motivated than I ever was. It has probably been almost a year since I last worked on it. Yesterday I went through all my stuff, organized, sorted and now I am ready to start up again. I think it is because during the winter, my creative juices really slow down. It's so beautiful outside right now and that really inspires me and gives me a lot of ideas for fun layouts and color combinations that I never would have thought about in the winter. Pink and orange, brown and robins egg blue, pink and grass green, turquoise and tan....

I tag anyone who is reading this and would also like to play along, especially those who know they haven't updated their blog for a couple weeks. Hint hint!


  1. Costco salads rock!!! Glad to see you played along:-)Oh, and you know cleaning at night is probably a good habit, once you have kidlings then you can clean after they go to bed. Uh-huh, thinking ahead. You are so smart!

  2. I find it so relaxing to stroll through thrift stores too. It's totally worth it when you can walk out with a cute $3 skirt!

  3. Costco is the best place! Well hopefully your engery to clean at night will keep up especially when you have kids. I am so tired by 8pm that I couldn't even think about cleaning. Does that Mr have long hours at work?

  4. raylori- yes, The Mr. has pretty long shifts this time of year. Doubles basically! He signs up for the days that he is available/willing to work overtime, and then they call him based on that list. It is almost every day, and will turn to every day once summer weather is really here. People just love to travel. :) Last week he actually had to take himself off the overtime list in order to mow our lawn.


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