Friday, May 18, 2007

Chop Chop

I did it - I got my hair cut today and I love it. It is so light, curlier and will be simpler to manage. It will dry quicker, curl faster and it will be easier to put up on the hot summer days I hope we have this summer. She cut about 6-8 inches off, depending on where it was taken from. It is layered, so she said it was at least 8 inches in some spots. I went to my normal hairdresser in Blaine. A lady who grew up in Aberdeen, ID and knows the Klassens and about the meeting room, since she went to school with several of them. It was a weird thing, and I don't even know how it came up, but we know some of the same people, and that is just uncommon. I think she must have asked me what Church I go to, and it grew from there. Well, I don't want to keep you all in suspense, so here are some really bad pictures. Mirror pictures never turn out well! In both of these photos I let my hair do it's own thing so I could see the difference in the curl before and after. A tiny bit of gel and air dry. Usually I add gel and blow dry it with a diffuser to get it curly. So now that my hair is dry, I can say that it is definitely curlier. The curls are larger and more bouncy. Instead of lots of little frizzy curls, I have larger thicker curls. The top is still a little flat, since I didn't blow dry it.

P.S. Who would have known I could post something so boring? Hey- haircuts are a huge deal for me since I average one a year!


  1. It looks great! I don't remember seeing you with such long hair as in the before picture -- whenever I've seen you it's been closer to the length in the picture of the new you. I can understand the challenges of long, curly hair! -SF

  2. That is probably because I usually get it cut before a conference. Either Walla Walla or Regina. :)

    Thanks for the comments, I love comments.

  3. Hey, I did it all by myself!! Wow, what a difference in the pictures, hard to believe. Thanks for the phone call last night it was a nice surprise for me to hear your voice. a. gjc

  4. I just had my sister trim mine afew weeks back. It does feel so nice to lighten it up! And I love layers! looks great!


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