Monday, May 21, 2007

Disc Golf

The Mr. is losing his current shift at work and in a couple weeks will be going back to rotating shifts with rotating days off, instead of working 2-10 pm daily with weekends off. We will miss having weekends off, but the nice thing is that since his days off will rotate, every six weeks there is a four day weekend when the weekly days off bump into each other. (So it's like Mon/Tues off one week, Tues/Wed the next week, and by the time it comes to Fri/Sat, those two days off bump right into Sun/Mon of the next week, so we have four days off in a row.) Anyways, it will be a big change since he has had the 2-10 shift for 12 months now. We decided that we should try and get out of town for the few weekends that he has left. On Saturday we spent the afternoon playing disc golf with Napper and Cheerful. We went to a really neat disc golf course in Lake Stevens. It has 19 holes and is in a beautiful area. Catherine Creek runs through it, and Napper will tell you that it isn't a good idea to let your frisbee land in it. I spent more time playing with the camera than playing disc golf, since I forgot to bring my wrist splint, so I took a lot of nature pictures.

Click on the album below if you can't see the slide show above, or would like to read the captions.

May 19/07 Lake Stevens Disc golf with Napper and Cheerful


  1. Looks like fun! Nature shots are so fun and always look so neat on screen. This is a great time of year for flowers and outdoorsie things. Is that the course we did before? You'll have to come check out the one we found by our house. Glad The Mr.'s four day weekends are back that means you get to travel more?? come see us any time!

  2. Hey there. Long time no comment on your blog. LOL

    I wanted to say that my husband and I play disc golf too. Isn't it fun? Those baskets are smooth looking. We don't have ones like that around here. Interesting. Our favorite course was on a college campus here in town and they tore it up, then moved it over to another area to build new additions to the campus and ruined it. We hate it and I don't think we've been back since playing it and realizing how irritating it was. Thankfully there are several more courses here in our city.

    Do you play with a group there?

  3. Sarah- Yes... it's the same course!

    Jen- Those aren't the usual baskets that we play with either. They were designed by some local guy and are somewhat of a pain because there is more stuff to hit and bounce off of. Like the poles or chains hung in certain ways. The designer wants it like that for a reason- to make the game more challenging! Oh well. Usually they are just like a pole with a lid, and chains hanging off that lid. You hit the chains and the disk falls into the basket. We just play with friends. We also play at parks, and hit signs and garbage cans etc as our "goals. :)

  4. Wow, never heard of disc golf before, is it like ultimate frisbee mixed with golf?

  5. Nope, basically just like golf. You have the number of attempts to make par, just like in golf, but instead of a ball you use these smaller than frisbee sized discs and instead of a hole in the ground it's a basket with chains.

    I used to play with a womens group until I got pg with my last baby..then I was so sick I just couldn't do much of anything. I haven't played since. I think I might soon, since you mentioned it. LOL


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