Monday, May 7, 2007

Sunday School

We had our Sunday School Treat on Saturday. I had a couple of other post ideas bumping around in my head, but these were just too cute not to share right away! The kids worked so hard and they all did a really good job. Teaching them has been really enjoyable.

One of the songs my class sang was Shamgar had an Oxgoad.

Shamgar had an Oxgoad,
David had a sling,
Dorcas had a needle,
Rahab had some string,
Samson had a jawbone,
Aaron had a rod,
Mary had some ointment
And they all were used of God.

This is Knittery's pre-school class singing Who did Make the Flowers Grow.

Last verse:
Who did make the flowers grow
Fish to swim, birds to fly,
Who did make both you and I?
God in Heaven above!


  1. They are even cuter the second time around. Oops, I thought I stayed under the radar. Sorry about that.

  2. Ha ha! Those cute grandkids will get yah every time. :)

  3. Thanks for filling me in on the browser stuff. I have no idea how to check it, do my word overlap the pictures sometimes for you? Oh and I want my blog to fit everyones screen... ack, I wish I knew more!

  4. No, the words don't overlap the pictures.


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