Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Birdfeeder Fun

We put up a bird feeder a little over a week ago and it is empty already. So far I have only been able to identify a few of the birds that have been to the feeder. Red Winged Black Birds, Chickadees and Goldfinches. There have been Starlings scavenging from the ground around the feeder as well, which is nice because then it doesn't feel like that seed is going to waste. There have been various other birds visiting the feeder, but I am not good at knowing their names. All different colors of browns with different markings here and there and different body shapes - pretty hard to identify unless you really know your birds. I just call them all Sparrows. We have also had a ton of Swallows flying around. I love their wing shape.

The first visitor to the feeder- Male Red Winged Black Bird.

Red Winged Black Birds Male and female.

Gold Finch Male and female. Look in the top left hand corner of this photo.

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  1. Hi CHatty! I enjoyed your pictures of the birds. Of all the gifts in nature that the Lord gives us - i think that perhaps i thank Him for the birds most of all! Their constant cheerful song is a good example to me!


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