Friday, May 11, 2007

Busy Days

David drew this all by himself, except a salmon, above the nose of the shark. I drew that. He didn't have any help other than for that one fish. He is so creative. Notice Sponge Bob Square Pants and his Pineapple House. The men fishing in the boat, and some of them falling off. The three cute little seahorses. Click on this and blow it up so you can really look at it!

Since I stay at home, I often get asked questions like "What do you do with yourself all day?" "What is keeping you busy these days?" or "What do you do to keep yourself busy?" Well here is a good answer and explanation. I will explain yesterdays schedule. 10:15 in the morning, Drooler and his mommy came over and we went to Costco in Bellingham where we bought groceries and I also picked up a three pack of Hostas for my front flowerbed. We ate lunch at Costco and shared a table with a really dear old Christian couple who told us the complete story of their lives, how they got married five years ago (they are probably in their 70's?) both their first spouses had passed away, they live part time in Hawaii, but for now, live about 5 minutes away from here. They have 25 shared grandkids. We had a really nice time talking to them while the wife treated Drooler like her own grandchild, cuddling him and keeping him happy while we ate. When we got back to the house at 1pm, Tracy came and dropped off David, Esther and Luke so I could babysit them while she went to Vancouver to pick up their new trampoline, took it home, dropped it off and ran to Home depot to pick up pipes for the trampoline net. She must have had a busy day! While everyone was still here, I moved three large plants to different places, to make room for the new Hostas. David and Esther "helped" and it was a lot of fun. Drooler and his mommy went home to make supper, Tracy came back for the kids, I cleaned up the house and then Char, LeAnne and Heidi came over. We went down to Birch Bay state park and had a bonfire with S'mores of course. Dave and Lu Thonney surprised us by joining our bonfire. They were vacationing at Birch Bay and Char had told them earlier about our plans, but it was a nice surprise for me. They all came over to the house after and we watched Thumper jump around the family room. After everyone left, I made a dessert. Boiled eggs for sandwiches (today is the Mothers Day tea at the meeting room) and made two lunches for The Mr. for his double shift. The end. Well, I am sure I must have forgotten a few details here and there, but we will call it the end. No wonder I slept well last night. Of course, this isn't always how my days go but now that it is summer, days are getting busier and busier!


  1. Did David draw everything in that picture or did he receive some help? I love his drawings- he's very creative! They're all such cute munchkins...lucky you for getting to spend time with them!! :)

  2. BTW - are you guys coming down on Sat? Do you want to do something together??

  3. He drew everything by himself except for the salmon, which I drew because he didn't know what one looked like. it's near the shark I think.

    Did you see Sponge Bob Square Pants and his Pineapple house? It's at the bottom. I am going to go and add something into the post about that.

    Yes, we are coming down on Sat. and would love to do something. We plan to meet mom mid-morning/ late-morning. See you then!

  4. hmm yup i was there! haha fun times. thanks for inviting us!


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