Friday, May 4, 2007


This is one of my favorite photographs of my siblings and I. I am in the polka dots. This was taken one summer on our family camping trip. Here is a list of things that I remember about our family camping trips: rain, rain, more rain, bible readings and doing Sunday School papers at the table in the tent trailer, walking to the bathrooms in the morning when it is really cold, cream corn, fishing, eating the fish "shake-n-baked" by Dad for breakfast the next morning, the Interpretive Center at Good Spirit Lake campground, and David (I think) who was the camp organizer for kids activities, reading lots, that one time there were bears in our campsite, sunny warm days at the beach, crackling fires, hot chocolate before bed, smoke and smoky smells, cereal in mini boxes, family bike rides, washing all our brightly colored Melamine dishes that looked just like this. I love camping, and the memories that were made with my family. I love that my parents took the time for these trips and gave us these memories to cherish.

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