Monday, April 30, 2007

Five Years

Our five year anniversary just passed on April 6th. We bought the piano to celebrate (early) and made plans to go out to Anthony's Home Port once things settled down after conference. On the 21st we had a lazy Saturday, going out to Bed Bath & Beyond for a curtain rod and curtains and spending time at Starbucks sipping our coffees. Of course, The Mr. got an Iced Caramel Macchiato and I got a Chai Latte.

We went and walked at Bellingham Bay and then went to Anthony's Home Port for dinner and it was so good. Their food is incredibly fresh. They serve fresh sourdough rounds from a local bakery. The server tells you where the seafood is from and when it came in, which is the best and what their personal favorites are. I had Alaskan cod stuffed with bay shrimp, crab, artichokes and other seafood. The Mr. had Mahi Mahi from Hawaii, which he loved. I snitched a bite, and it was really yummy. After that, we went for a walk in Cornwall park and saw all the beautiful Magnolia trees that were in bloom.
At Bellingham Bay.

Triple Petal Yellow Tulip
Magnolia trees at Cornwall Park.

Here are the photos from the day:
April 21/07 A relaxing Saturday and 5 year anniversary dinner at Anthony's


  1. Oh Chatty, I don't know if E is advanced (I would love to think my bumpkin is ahead of others but...), maybe in one area but not in others, he can stand at the furniture but that is it. He can roll around too, but as for anything else, like crawling or bum scooting or pulling and even draging himself around, nope, little slacker just wants to stand.

    Oh, and ....Happy Anniversary!! Your day looked awasome and your photography, usual!

  2. If you are trying to track down cousins of yours, I have Jen as a link as well and you can link to Jer's blog and Sara's through hers as well, though you may have to search through comments to find them, I am pretty sure I saw them there though. Happy tracking!

  3. The L's aren't my cousins. I have found Wendy and Jon B's sites but they are old, 05-06ish. It makes sense that reading comments on the L's blogs would turn up my cousins, since they are cousins.

  4. That is a great umbrella picture with your siblings -- it made me laugh! - SF

  5. Wendy has a myspace,

  6. Oops, I guess I didn't word that right, I was trying to say that since you guys share cousins that you could find them through them. Does that make any sense? Ugh, I am no good with words! Sorry.

  7. A- Nope, I guess it's my "oops." I should have just known that was what you meant.

    SF- I love that photo as well. I love the look on my brothers face, it cracks me up. I wish the photo included more of what he was wearing that day because if you look closely, I think he is wearing a very cool pair of 80's pants. Black with highlight squiggles and skateboarders maybe? Not sure, I remember them though!

  8. I could do a whole post about that photo. I just wanted to add that I love that K is holding "spitz" and that you can see the bikes leaning against the tree in the background. This photo brings back so many good memories for me.

  9. I learn so much from your blog Chatty !! All your links to other web sites are so neat! I just used your Starbucks link to figure out the nutrition of their frapechino blended coffees. yikes!! Happy late 5th anniversary!! looked like a fun day!! Very cool that you have a frizbee golf course so close. And I love your flower pic.s


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