Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Frogs are Here!

Just yesterday I shared my first blooms of the year and then it turned into one of the warmest gorgeous days! It was sunny enough and the breeze from the ocean was warm enough, that a few frogs dug themselves out of their muddy winter homes to serenade me last night. I hadn't heard the sound all winter and it is a sound I really like because it reminds me of the dugout back on the farm. A "dugout" in the prairies, is a (usually) oblong or oval shaped, large, deep hole dug out of the ground to store rain water from all the melting snow. It's like a man-made pond. I only add that definition because neither nor Wikipedia list that meaning. They list silly things like baseball and boats though. ;) So... back to my story. As kids, my siblings and I would spend endless days in the summer catching frogs at our dugout, and we weren't always very successful. In the evening the frogs would start their music and it was almost as if they taunted us "we're still free, we're still free" or "didn't catch us, didn't catch us." There were always the summers of the "frog plague" though. We had a few summers where the frogs were so abundant that you could simply step anywhere in the grass and watch it move like a carpet around you. It made for difficult grass cutting. (Ewwww!)

Across the street from us lives a family who moved here from California. The husband asked The Mr. and I one summer night last year: "Do those frogs bother you because they are so loud?" They can hear them quite clearly from their house, so he couldn't imagine how loud they would be here at ours. Little did he know, we both really like the sound. Not only do we get to listen to the frogs, we also hear the water. Hear for yourself. (Remember to first turn of my site music in the left hand column.)


  1. Coralee, You do think of the neatest things to put on your blog! I love the sound of frogs too. Thanks for the serenade.

  2. That does sound like spring and summer! At 14 degrees F, all our local frogs are still warm but
    silent in their mud homes! Hopefully spring will arrive in NY soon.

  3. Growing up we had a large above ground swimming pool that was not heated. Every spring the tree frogs would come to serenade us for a month or so. And then leave us a pool full of tadpoles. :0p But it was such fun to watch the microscopic baby frogs hatch. Good memories!

  4. we had frogs in our yard in St. Albert, they would hang out at the eves trough spout where the ground was always wet. I loved to hear them, and the crickets at night. I don't know about here yet though, we're still in the deep freeze.:(

  5. my mom has a picture posted on her blog for you, it's really cute, you otta check it out. (There's a link to her blog from mine.)


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