Friday, March 9, 2007

Chatty Housewife Reviews

So my youngest sister tells me blogging is geeky (which it isn't- but I am clearly not blogging to be cool) and that some people were making fun of my clean refrigerator post. Well, this blog is dedicated to The Chatty Housewife's youngest sister's acquaintances (as well as herself) who think that posts about cleaning are uncool. Believe me, they are cool. It is also suiting to post this today, because Fridays are "cleaning day" at my house.

These are my favorite 12 cleaning items. After five years of being a housewife and going through numerous products by trial and error, I have made up this list, so that other housewives can save time, hassle and moolah!

Kids N' Pets- for the carpets, seriously the best, no smell, no stain.

Scotch Brite
- for the sink, food baked onto dishes, and I put them in my dishwasher's cutlery basket weekly for a good clean.

Sheila Shine
- Thank's to Drooler's daddy who gave this to us to try, we rarely have fingerprints on our S/S.

Tilex Soap Scum Remover
- With my RA, I really need products that do all the work for me, and this is the best one of them all. The first time I used this, it proved to me that all the other cleaners were ineffective as I watched grime appear and disappear from where I never even knew it existed. Another plus is that it doesn't give me a headache like a lot of the others did.

Weiman Cooktop Cleaner
- for my smooth top range, nothing gets it cleaner and shinier.

Lysol Power with Bleach
- it's the best but only in regular bleach scent, no icky flower scent for me!

Endust- it makes the dust stick to your cloth, and you don't have to dust as often because it repels the dust from landing in the first place.

- Works great, and I like it better than Spray&Wash because you can use it on anything and not worry about bleaching. S&W warns against using it on Khaki and I have had some bleaching with S&W.

Tide with Bleach for Colors- Wow. No more stinky towels- it solved the problem in just a few washes, and they have never smelled bad since. I like that you can use it on all your clothes, so it cuts down on the boxes of detergent I have to store.

Cascade Complete- A sample came with our Dishwasher and I have been using it ever since. I never rinse dishes and everything comes out clean.

Glass Plus
- A little goes a long way and no streaks.

Clorox Bleach Pen- has saved many a garment in this household! No need to bleach the entire item, just point, squeeze and rub it in a bit. Doesn't bleach the colored parts around it.


  1. I went on my moms blog and the picture is gone, I don't know why. It was of two little frogs floating in a leaf and was really cute, I'll ask her what hapened to it and see if she'll post it again.

  2. There is a cleaning product that I swear by, Oxy Clean, I soak all the kids soiled clothing and dirty bum cloths, and they come perfectly clean, all the other stain removers (and I tried them all) didn't work half as well. I have even bought stained clothing really cheap at garage sales and soaked them when I got home, they turned out like new! For those of you with kids or smelly mildewy stuff, Oxy is amazing!!! For mildew or mold on clothes or cloths you have to soak for a few days though:)

  3. Yeah I am sure when I have kids that Oxyclean will be added to the list. Thanks for the reminder! I have never bought any yet, but I am sure a day will come when it will have a special spot in our house!

  4. Hi Chatty,
    Good to see that you don't let little sis get you down. After she gets married she'll be calling you and asking, "Ummm, what was the name of that soap scum remover you said was so good?"

  5. I agree - we use Oxy carpet stain remover for pet stains, and it's amazing. About Endust - it picks up dust well, but having worked as a wood touch-up artist, I'd suggest trying natural orange oil products instead on natural wood pieces (it's fine on non-wood laminates, though). Products like Endust usually either have waxes that build up gradually and cloud your finish or cleansers that shine at first but slowly dull the finish on your wood. Just a heads-up if you have pieces that you plan on keeping for a long time.

  6. Wow - nice list! I just printed it out so I'll know what to buy next time I need cleaning supplies. I've never taken the time to compare them. Thanks! :)

  7. Madame Bluestocking- Thanks for the wood furniture tip. I forgot about that. Out to find some natural orange oil cleaner I go!

  8. I love your blog Chatty! It will be fun to get to know you better. Thanks for the cleaning tips!


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