Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The First Signs of Spring

My first blooms of the year. The miniature daffodils were given to The Mr. and I two years ago from a neighbor as part of a continuous blooming potted arrangement. It was a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift. When the daffodil blooms fade, other blooms will (hopefully) take their place. The pot had all sorts of different bulbs in it, all planted at different heights and with different blooming times. I threw the whole bundle into the flowerbed a while ago, and voila- it is still alive. It snowed when the blooms were forming, so they are a little droopy!

This is a bush-like plant that I do not have the name for. If anyone knows what this is, can you please comment on this post and let me know? Thanks! UPDATE: I posted this photo on a hyrangea forum, and they told me it was most likely a type of Viburnum tinus, probably 'Spring Bouquet'.


  1. I really have no idea, but my first thought was that maybe it was some form of hydrangea. Maybe you could take another picture after the buds open up?

  2. Well the funny thing is that the picture IS with the buds open. That is about as far as they get. So I know it's not a H.

    I heard my first frog croak of the year just now from our back pond. SO exciting. They get so loud during the summer nights and it's incredibly relaxing for me.

  3. Ok so I looked at the picture again, and now I am not sure about how big the flowers get. I will have to keep an eye on them. :) It would be really cool if it was a type of H.

  4. Hi I'm finally commenting :0) It looks a little like a Viburnum (I think I have that spelled right). Does it get berries on after the blooms? And the blooms are usually very fragrant. Just a guess. :0)


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