Monday, March 5, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

As my cousin has quickly found out (she has had her blog for less than a month) spam is alive and well, and is now trying out it's wobbly legs in the world of blogs. Thankfully there are no in-boxes for spam to infiltrate so I doubt it will get far. Well, this same cousin has passed her lovely game on to me now, so I will participate. What I need to do, is post 5 interesting facts about myself, then tag someone else. I don't know how interesting this will be....

1. When I was in high school, I played the part of Little Orphan Annie in the musical "Annie". I had never been in a musical, barely ever sung in front of a crowd, and I was only in 8th grade. We performed the musical around 6 times, but it took almost 1/2 the school year to practice. The girl who was going to share the role with me (alternate nights) quit, so I was the only Annie for 2 cast sets. I guess that means I got to practice twice as much as the others.

2. I would love to take photography classes with a real focus-it-yourself-fancy-shmancy digital camera. I love taking pictures with my beat up digital camera, but it doesn't really work all that well, and I would love to learn to use a fancy camera.

3. I would love to see The Niagra Falls, Mt. Rushmore, The Eiffel Tower, The Grand Canyon- they are putting in a sky bridge with a glass bottom! The Golden Gate Bridge, Pyramids, The Colosseum-Rome, The Great Wall-China, The Empire State Building, Machu Picchu, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Petra-a rock carved city in Jordan, Big Ben, The Statue of Liberty, Angel Falls-Venezuela, The Great Barrier Reef -Australia, and Africa. I am sure there are more, but this is what I come up with at the moment.

4. My two favorite vehicles at the moment are the Ford Fusion and the Toyota Sienna. The Mr. and I actually looked into buying the Fusion a while back, but bought the Ranger instead. I am glad though, because we love having a truck. It's a great truck, sounds good, is comfortable to ride in and is great for driving up to Mt. Baker in the winter.

5. Well so far I'vel been pretty random, and now my thoughts are racing and I can't really come up with a 5th. Hmm. Well if I can think of something, I will come back and post it.

My cousin tagged two people so I get to as well! I tag Mom Jay and Knittery Kate! You shall now each list 5 interesting things about thyselves on thy blogs! (It can be as long or as short as you like, but I would love to hear about your lives before I knew you.)


  1. I remember seeing you in Annie, thinking it was so amazing that you could memorize so much stuff when it took me all week and I could hardly remember my bible verse for sunday school.

  2. You're welcome! Now lets see if Knittery Kate notices. He he.

  3. Ha! I just noticed but I'm off to the orthodontist for LoJay to get her braces off!! Yeah!!! (Be back later)


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