Monday, January 8, 2007

Steven's Pass with Napper and Cheerful

I wrote this a while back, but didn't get around to posting it. Our computer is dead so we have hooked up Ol' Faithful, our old computer the Mr. built and it seems to be working ok. It might be a while before I am able to post more of the photos from the California trip. :(

On December 16th we went snowboarding at Steven's Pass with Napper and Cheerful. We drove down to their place the night before, and got up early the next morning so we could make first tracks. The road conditions through the Mt. Baker-Snowqualmie National forest were icy and a little slow-going, but we were excited for what was to come. We arrived at Steven's while the lift operators were just starting to let people on the lifts. We started at the top of the Big Chief double chair, and made close to the first tracks coming down Showcase. It was a great first run. Here is a map. We had so much fun that we stayed till after it was dark. The night skiing they offer at Steven's is great. I would love to go again but do things a little differently. Sleep in, start boarding at noon and stay till 9 pm. That would be ideal, although we would miss out on making the first tracks, which is so nice. The extra sleep in the a.m. would help out our energy in the p.m.!


  1. Where did Napper and Cheerful get their names from? (and who's who?)

  2. He's Napper and she's Cheerful. He IS a napper - he takes a lot of naps (especially every day during his lunch break as he likes to share with the Mr. - who does NOT have a lunch break)As for Cheerful, let's just say that she is always "cheerful." ;) On this particular snowboarding day the Mr. called her Cheerful the whole day, and it has just stuck.


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