Friday, January 5, 2007

Magic Mountain was a Blast!

On Wednesday Dec 27/06 we spent the day with Sallad and Grace at Magic Mountain. It was so much fun and I still can't believe the rides we went on. I had never been on anything so crazy or scary, but the rides were incredible. I didn't take our camera, but was able to find some neat photos on the web of my top 5 roller coasters. All the photos are click-able for larger versions.

Tatsu- The orange and green coaster to the left. My favorite coaster at the park. You are hanging under the track horizontally as if you are flying. You sit in the cars which hang from the track above, the floor drops away and you are flipped 90 degrees. Your body is supported by comfy rubber supports as well as shoulder bars that go to your lap and ankle supports. It's like flying, and if I hadn't felt so safe, I would have totally freaked out. It is an amazing ride. There are flips, turns and free-fall butterfly in your stomach loops.

Batman- My second favorite coaster.
You are suspended from the track above and your feet dangle free, it's a neat feeling. If you think about it, the riders in the top of the photo are currently doing head stands. :) We went on this one twice in a row because it was so much fun. Good thing Sallad was medicated. The second time around we got the front row. There is nothing in front of you except air. This is a great ride. I am starting to sound like a MM saleslady, but it's true!

Goliath- Travels at 85-mph with a 255 ft drop leading into an underground tunnel- very crazy. I went on this twice and blacked out at the same spot each time, but would still go again. They call that specific spot a "Helix Turn", which gives "positive G-forces" but I think it would be better titled as the "keep blinking and your sight will eventually come back" turn.

Riddler's Revenge- The photo to the right. This is a stand up roller coaster. You are completely supported, but standing the entire time and it's a very weird feeling. It has a 110 foot tall vertical loop, and is the tallest and largest standing coaster in the world.

Déjà Vu- This coaster to the left is labeled as a boomerang coaster, because you fly through it twice- once forwards and once backwards at crazy crazy speeds.

Well, that's my top 5, and if you ever get to visit MM, plan to take some motion sickness pills with you just in case. You wouldn't want to be stuck buying them in front of everyone and have them tease you about needing to be medicated. (Hey Sallad- are you seeing straight yet?)

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  1. I got so sick on Batman........i almost barfed. i can't even think about going on it twice in a row... I have to stick to ones like Goliath that have no loops


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