Thursday, November 13, 2014

Where Memories Flourish

I haven't blogged since early September.  I am a bad blogger.

You would think that my history of neglecting this blog would convince me to write some sort of closing message and just move on to whatever other things keep me busy these days, but every time I come back and start blogging again, I remember how much I love it and that means it's worth the effort.  That I need a place to record our lives.  And that this blog is a journal of sorts, where memories flourish.

I realized recently that the tidbits of my family's life that I record here might otherwise be lost, and in a way that makes it pretty important.  Photos can only tell so much without a few words thrown in here and there. And that pile of photo laden DVDs stored in a box somewhere? It's certainly not as accessible as this little blog.  It's almost as if it replaces the old sticky-page photo albums of years past. With their little squiggly ball point pen dates and names, beside faded images of childhood days long gone.  I believe they are one of the most precious things mothers have done for their children. Births and birthdays, road trips and best friends, loose teeth and baby kittens, first day of kindergarten photos and awkward braces-laden smiles.  I love those, I love them all.  

So I'll keep blogging, and I'll just embrace the natural ebb and flow of posts, hoping you'll excuse my lack of consistency.


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