Friday, September 5, 2014

Northwest Washington Fair

One of our favorite annual events to attend is the Northwest Washington Fair. I don't think we've quite made it every year since living in this area, but if we do miss it, we kind of regret it.  For me, fairs like this hold a special place in my heart because they bring back childhood memories of attending things like The Canadian Western Agribition and The Regina Ex.  I want to create similar memories for my boys-  memories of the sights and smells and tastes of the fair, and most importantly, of the four of us doing fun things as a family.

Getting ready to go!
One of the first things we saw at the fair was this tractor, which Little Mr. thought was great.

Then of course we visited the animal barns, which were noisy and stinky, but I love them!

Baby animals are so cute!

  There is a new camel farm in Bellingham and they were at the fair offering rides. 

I love seeing the horses at the fair.  They are so beautiful.

It was neat seeing so many different breeds of cows at the fair.  Little Mr. also got to learn exactly where milk comes from at the milking exhibit where cows were being milked, and the milk was being processed right on site.

Chocolate covered strawberry kebab, with sprinkles of course.

Sprinkle face!

Sprinkle face #2!

I'm pretty sure Little Mr.'s favorite part of the entire day was the bunny barn.  It was quiet and calm in there and all the rabbits were just lounging around.  This fuzzy one had quite the entertaining look about him with all that fluff and those cute ear tufts.

In a few years our boys might be more interested in going on the rides, but this year we stuck to the carousel and between the four of us only used 6 tickets.  Someday it is likely rides will cost us quite a lot more than that!

The end of the day was HOT and while we ate dinner under a canopy, the boys got so warm that we just took their shirts off.   Little Brother was exhausted and fell asleep on the ride home and I think after such a long day, we all wanted to join him!  I'm already looking forward to going to the fair again next year, it's such a fun experience!

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