Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Flounder's Release

In October 2013 a loggerhead sea turtle was rescued from a flounder net with a severe shell fracture.  Its shell was crushed inwards and pieces were even missing.  It was rescued and brought to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center for care and rehabilitation.  Two surgeons donated their time to operate on the turtle and they used bone cement and metal rods to fix its shell. The turtle stayed at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center until it was ready to be released.  In January we had gotten to know this turtle during our visit to the center, and it was amazing to look at the photos of the surgery.  You can see the metal on the back of the turtle's shell in this photo I took back in January. It was pretty exciting that months later when we were still living in the area, we heard that the turtle was doing wonderfully and was ready to be released!

Great Dunes Park, Jekyll Island Georgia


It was neat to see Flounder up close as they walked by.  (That's Little Mr. in the plaid hat.)


Turtle tracks.

After the beach, we stopped and visited the historical Horton House Ruins on Jekyll Island.

Tabby walls.

Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings in Brunswick... YUM!  We heard they are planning to build one in Bellingham and we can't wait!


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