Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Daily Life: June

Yup, June!  Oops!  Here it is anyways. :)

 Crossed ankles... melt my heart.

 When we got home from Georgia, all the toys we hadn't seen for 6 months were like GOLD.

It was nice to have the boys back in their beds since they had been sleeping in their Peapods for 6 months.  They looked so, so comfy.

 I snagged this photo from a friend.  Great times at Crescent Beach, BC.

 Coordinating business attire. ;)  There's something so fun about dressing the boys for meeting. :)

PJ's in the back yard.  Enjoying the bright sun and cool air first thing in the morning.

 Someone learned to climb!

 When we first got back, there was so much change going on that we left the side on Little Mr.'s crib for a while.  He looks like such a big boy!

 Little Brother's walking like crazy now.  He'll grab the walker and head down the sidewalk without a care in the world, not even looking back.

 We finally transformed Little Mr.'s crib into a big boy bed. He was really excited!

 The boys and I visited the Birch Bay Sandcastle Festival, but it was a bit of a flop this year because the tide surprised everyone by coming in sooner than predicted and wiping out the sandcastles.

 Later in the month we had a play date with friends.  These two were born on the same day in the same hospital and have almost the same name. :)  It's cute that they look so similar too!

 A new baby at meeting!  Baby P is a popular attraction for the kids. :)

 Watching fireworks.

Our dinner view one evening!

 Dinner at CJ's Beachouse on the bay... what an amazing view.


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