Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Brother's First Birthday

My mom called to wish him happy birthday and he was quite pleased!

 We had a cozy day inside listening to the rain and thunderstorm.

Getting ready for the party.

I edited out the boys' names. ;)

 Banner edited to remove name ;)

Dada's home!

 His cake. (The banner had his name on it.)

 We were SO thankful Grandma J could be here to celebrate with us!!!

 Eating rolled stuffed pork tenderloin.

I'm hoping a family photo in front of the house will be traditional.  Here is Little Mr.'s that was taken on his first birthday. 

Little Mr. helping Little Brother get started with the cake smash!

 Gift opening.


 Aunt Grace (AND Uncle Sallad, Bri, A and L...) sent us this wonderful "we miss you" care package full of all sorts of amazing things.  We saved it a few days to open on Little Brother's birthday so it would be even more exciting.  There were books, magazines, playmobil sets, organic candies, fancy chocolate bars, sticker booklets, magazines etc.  They spoiled us royally.... THANK YOU!


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