Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Favorite Morning Outing

The boys and I love to get out of the house in the morning.  Our favorite place to go is Neptune Park.  It's near shops and the waterfront, so it is a lovely place to spend a morning.  Here are some shots taken on three different visits to the park. :)

 There are Camelias blooming across the street from our place.

 Roses on the way to the village.

Running through St. Simons Park.

 He looks so tiny!

 Two ginormous Live Oak trees shade the picnic area at Neptune Park.

 He loves slides!

 I can't believe he does this by himself.

 There are lots of fun shops in the village!

This random shot instantly reminded me of the photo below... 

 Little Mr. in October of 2012, you can see the rest of the fall photo shoot here. It feels like it was just yesterday, but his little brother is wearing these jeans now!

 Hibiuscus ready to bloom.  This is right outside our condo.

 Little Brother's doggie hat got quite a few comments as we walked to the park this day.  It was a gift from his Aunt D. (thank you!)

 Not an orange tree, ;) just a prank I guess?

 A dolphin or porpoise, not sure which!  We watched it for about 5 minutes before it disappeared.

 The dolphin/porpoise with a huge car carrier navigating the shipping lanes in the background.

Dairy Queen is a great place to stop for a hot dog on the way to the park. :)

As the car carriers pass the park, they blow their loud horns and it is quite exciting.  Often, two will pass each other right close by (going opposite directions) and it's always fun to watch.

 The car carriers look like they have a section of a freeway attached to the back of them.  I am guessing it folds out and is used for loading and unloading cars.  One that I saw even had a center line painted down it.

 Ready to head out once again... this time it was COLD!

 We packed a picnic lunch, but our fingers got very, very cold while eating it!  

 Little Brother is starting to get the hang of feeding himself these fruit pouches.  He loves them, but I don't think I could stomach apple, pumpkin and banana mixed together.

 "There it is mama!"

 One of my favorite shops on the island is Go Fish.

Some hoarded birthday money was well spent there. :)


  1. Sure enjoy your blog!!!

  2. Wow those car carriers look impressive, and watching them come and go sounds like a fun way to pass time with little boys! ;) But those shops look awesome too, I love those crafty, fun, ones with all kinds of inspiring treasures!! :) Little brother has some of the cutest hats! Love the doggie one too. The flowering Hibiscus, is it growing "wild"? I've gotten them at Trader Joes here as an indoor plant. ~ SJo

    1. There are a couple outside our place, but I think they were planted there. They are all tall and scraggly, definitely need some trimming or something. One of them is probably like 8 feet tall. My mom used to keep them as houseplants too!

  3. Wow! Looks like such a beautiful place!


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