Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jacksonville Zoo

Here is a glimpse of our day at the Jacksonville Zoo!

While we were walking through one of the bird aviaries,we were met by these two little guys.  We're thinking they were lost!?  They most certainly seemed out of place, and none of the information signs said anything about seeing them in the aviary.

There is a snake in this photo.  Ick!

Little Mr. loved watching those lizards on the left. They ran around like crazy, and even fought a bit.  Little Mr. actually saw one catch and eat a camel cricket, exclaiming "EAT!"

The Jacksonville Zoo has an impressive collection of bronze statues.  Little Mr. was uneasy around a few of them (the gorillas for example), but he liked the elephants!  This photo reminds me of when we were at the Honolulu Zoo when he was 1 year old.  He really disliked the baby elephant statue at that zoo!

(Little Mr. at the Honolulu Zoo when he was one.)

A yarn bomber (or several) had added knitted pieces all over the zoo and it was quite cute.

I took a photo of this one in particular because the bomber went though the work of creating a tag for their artwork.

Poison dart frogs.

No fear at all.  I certainly would not have gotten that close!

While walking through one of the aviaries, I exclaimed that I hadn't seen any parrots and that there must be some somewhere.  Just then, we heard the parrots squawking almost right above us.  I wonder if they heard me?

Our little map reader.

MMM!  Nom, nom, nom.... salad!


Overall, we had a blast at the zoo!  It's a great zoo with lots to do and we'd love to go back again some time.


  1. Your photos of the animals are amazing!! I love Little brothers hat, it is soo cute on him! :) They have quite the collection of animals there. Very cool zebra stripe patterns. Wow so many cool pictures you must have had a hard time picking which ones to share. :) ~SJo

    1. It's the new camera! And one thing that makes it easier to choose photos to blog, is that I don't have as much time to take as many anymore! ;)

  2. There's something so fun about taking pictures at the zoo. Glad to see you enjoying your new camera. :-)


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