Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Banff, AB

Snapped this during a quick stop at the side of the road on the way back from visiting my parents. :)

 Snack time!

 Sleepy time!

 Approaching the Rockies.

I love it when they are sleeping deep enough that the binky falls out without waking them up. :)  Look at those widdle wips!

 Arriving at Banff National Park.

 Driving through the park on the way to Banff was so pretty!

 Once we got there, this little guy was eager to get to the hotel room and insisted on helping.  This cooler almost made him fall over because it was so heavy.  He's growing up so quickly.

 The last time the car looked like this... was the last time we made this trip!  Lovely!

 Our room at the Mount Royal Hotel.

 Little Brother was glad to be out of his car seat!  He did really well on the trip though.

 Dinner at Earls, yum yum!

 Good morning Little Brother!

 Little Mr. checking out the morning's view.  

 This was our view...

 ... and this!

 Pre-breakfast fruit leather.  And cartoons. :)

 Breakfast at Bruno's.

Little Mr. got a sprinkle-topped, marshmallow-filled cone from the chocolate shop. :)  Our three treats came to $17 or something outrageous like that.  But I have a soft spot for Cashew Glaciers (I think that is what it is called, it is cashews with a blop of caramel on top, then dark chocolate, then white chocolate... mmmm) and I'm pretty sure they weigh a tonne.  Or at least you do after you eat one! ;)

 Little Mr. got pretty excited every time the horse and carriage came by.

 Little Brother looking quite content.

 I loved the fall colors, I think this was my first visit to Banff in the fall.

 Shopping.  BY MYSELF.  Okay, not quite, Little Brother was asleep in the stroller.  So that counts as almost by myself right?  The Mr. and Little Mr. went to the hotel room for a  nap. :)

 We went for a nice long walk later in the afternoon.

 I don't know where Little Mr. got the idea of a walking stick from, but he surprised us both with this one!

 A brand new walking bridge over the river.  Very pretty!

 Walking over this bridge is like walking on a piece of history.  Bridges like this just aren't built anymore.  Look at all the small stones that were placed horizontally.  It's pretty cool!

 Dinner at The Keg.  Grilled cheese for the buddy.

Sirloin Oscar... this was my plate.  It was amazing!

 The view once again from our window. 

And then we were on the road again!  A pretty drive. :)


  1. Ah, good old Saskatchewan dust. Do you realize some our cars look like that ALL the time. Too cheap to spend a Loonie at a coin wash and rinse it off? Don't complain. That drive never gets old, always beautiful.

  2. Oh, those growing boys!!! Looks like a wonderful time.

  3. So pretty! Love all the photos of time with the family. Those days are the best.

  4. What a beautiful place Banff is! Looks like a really fun time! Little Mr. and his sticks, :) kids always find such great pleasure in simple things. Looks like the kids where great travelers! ~SJo

    1. Little Brother was an excellent traveler however his older brother not so much lol.

  5. What a beautiful place; you've inspired me to go there. Being there with your little guys makes it just perfect.


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