Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Road Trip to Gramma and Grampa's

 "Only" 1076 miles from my our house to my parents house. ;)  Yipee!  We drove through the night!

 Little Brother did really well on the trip.  We were incredibly thankful that he slept great and was generally happy.

 It was the middle of the night when we drove through the mountains, but since I grew up in the prairies, I find them pretty as well.  This is a gravel road that goes through the valley towards Lumsden, SK.

 A very familiar road up the hill towards my parent's home.

 My Nana and Little Brother.  This was the first time he met his Great Grandma Nana!

 An early Thanksgiving was celebrated since we were in town, and the ENTIRE family was able to come.  My maternal grandparents, my parents, my three siblings and their 6 kids.  So there was a total of 19 people for dinner!

 Little Brother borrowed a pair of glasses from Mr. Potato Head.

 Little Mr. and his Great Grandpa

 My sister in law C and her beautiful new little girl, E.

 One thing that I will always have fond memories of, is my parents basement.  It as always been full of toys, and also a ton of dress-up clothes.  This is my brother's little middle child, L.  I didn't catch a good shot of his brother, I must have been too busy chasing after kids or playing Ticket to Ride or stuffing my face with Thanksgiving food. :)

 Little Mr. just loved his cousin J.  One of the days in Regina, we went to the pool and I caught this shot.  These two got to be pretty close while we were there. 

 Here they are again.  I think the relationship/bonding had a lot to do with my Mom's iPad lol.

 Walking from my grandparent's condo to Tim Horton's for breakfast!


 We also visited the museum, which is small but pretty cool.

 This was one of my favorite displays when I was young.  Behind the glass there is an entire scene set up of tiny loin cloth clad Indians doing their regular day to day things, catching fish and... throwing a man into the water.  It is so cool!  Maybe if you click on the photo and look near the right you'll be able to see what I am referring to.  These little displays are extremely detail oriented, with fish swimming under the water, ripples and splashes etc.

 There are quite a few full size taxidermy animal displays.

 This display is cool because you can see what is above the water and also what is below.  If you look through the glass you can see the feet of the duck with bubbles coming off of them, frogs and minnows suspended as if they were swimming etc.  The displays are really detailed.

 That water is hard plastic. If you looked down below through the glass, you could see the frogs legs and other things under the water.

This was a new display since I had last been there.

I didn't get many photos when I was visiting and I regret not getting photos of the farm and especially the car my dad is restoring!   We did get family photos taken while we were there though, so hopefully those turn out and I can post them here. :)


  1. sorry our paths did not cross. though i did see your sisters.

    1. I agree! I regret not making more of an effort, but the timing just didn't seem right at the time.

  2. You continue to do such fun stuff with your two darling little guys!! Family is SO important!!

  3. LOVE the Potato Head pics, and that adorable smile!!!

  4. Love the "home" pictures! Haven't read blogs for MONTHS, and I'm enjoying catching up while a little one sleeps the morning away on my lap.


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