Friday, October 4, 2013

Granville Island

 One lovely Saturday afternoon not too long ago, we were headed to Granville Island and stopped at Starbucks for SEASONAL LATTES.... seasonal latté season is my favorite season of all the seasons. ;)  This is my pumpkin spice one and the Mr. likes the salted caramel mocha, extra topping.

 We arrived!

 We met a goose.

 We were happy!

 We spun.

 We climbed.

 Little Brother sat in his first playground toy.

 Little Mr. spun till he was dizzy.

 Then friends arrived.  So much fun!  S&E and their 3 adorable kiddos were joining us there for the day.

 Mesmerizing Marbleworks

 Lunch at the market.


 Who needs a nap when you can have CANDY? (Look at those saucer eyes lol.)

 Beautiful hydrangea blossoms.


 One of the most fantastic moments of the day happened just as we were arriving at our favorite dessert bar in the market.  In the good ol' days before I had to go completely gluten-free, I used to get cheesecakes and chocolate mouse cakes and whatnot from this place.  But my days of yummy desserts on Granville Island had come to a close many years ago and I would just watch the others eat theirs. (Oh boo hoo, lol.) However, this time as I walked past the display I saw they had lots and lots of gluten-free, scrumptious looking desserts!  Tarts and mini cakes and cookies and bars and all sorts of yummy things.  I chose the coconut nanaimo bar you see in the photo above and it was incredibly yummy.  Like a home made version of the nanaimo bar that tasted like an Almond Joy chocolate bar but way better!  If you are gluten-free and are thinking of checking this place out, it is across the aisle from the candy store.

 Raspberry Cheesecake

 S&E's youngest taking a power nap.

 The three oldest of the 5 kids we toted around with us that day.

 There are tons of cool stores in the kids mall... you've got to check it out if you haven't been there!

After our visit at Granville we were invited over to S&E's for a scrumptious dinner and were glad that Little Mr. caught some ZZZ's on the way over. :)  It had been a long day of playing and eating, what a great way to spend a Saturday!


  1. You do a good job of fun and interesting stuff to do!!! Educational, too!!

  2. Did I see some champagne grapes in the lovely grape display??


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