Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Daily Life: September

 Cornwall Park splash pad.

 Making friends with a random girl.

 First tandem swing for the brothers, first swing ride EVER for Little Brother.

 Trying out the wooden pattern boards, they were a hit.

 He jumps like crazy in the jumparoo, best $10 I ever spent for him!

I was shopping at World Market with my sister in law P and her daughter J, when we looked over to see that Little Mr. had almost fallen asleep on one of their display couches.  He must have had some help with the pillow arrangement, but I hadn't even noticed he was there since I think J was taking care of him while I shopped!

 Only 7 lbs between the two!  The angle of this photo makes me laugh because Little Brother looks huge!
 The boys with their cousin J.

 This is the fruit of the guys efforts during the same weekend we were visiting L&P.... fresh salmon!

 Do you see what he sees?

 Look closer.

 Even closer!

 Hello deer!

 I love love love footy jammies.

 Little Mr.'s rows are becomming more sophisticated these days and he is branching out with some shape sorting and color sorting now.

 Sandals for babies.... 0% practical but 100% cute.

 Little Mr. loves roasted red pepper and tomato soup, but it makes a serious drippy mess!  Maybe it is because he likes so much melted cheese in it lol.

 We have successfully weaned Little Brother from the swaddle.  This was one of the first times he fell asleep without it I think.  I wonder if he woke up with a line across the back of his head... now that he moves around so much that blanket is gone!  I also think it is hilarious that sometimes he gets the binky back in his mouth upside down and is just fine falling asleep that way.

 Upside down binky again!

 Starbucks.  I like to call this the Little Brother sandwich!

 First time in the highchair.  I don't know why I left his sleep sack on.

 We found him like this one day and now he is predominately a tummy sleeper regardless of how we put him to bed!

 I've been able to craft a little bit lately and making cards is a nice short-term project.  They are so fun and I find it very relaxing.

 Seven months old!

First time in the booster seat.  We actually have Little Mr. in the highchair still and just use this booster for Little Brother!  It works so well that way because they are both immobile and can't make too much of a mess! :)

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  1. All those first!! Love all the pictures. We'll have to get together soon, it would be so fun to see Little Brother and Ethan together! Craft projects are great stress relievers as a Mom, something you can look at and call done in a short amount of time... unlike child raising. :) ~ SJo


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