Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daily Life: August

 Playdate with a friend.

 A deer family in the suburbs of Bellingham.

 Lots of rows still happen in this house daily. :)

 A flower gift from a nice lady at the Bellingham farmers market.

 Gluten-free blueberry scones from The Woods Coffee are amazing!

 Their iced coffee's are great too!

 My favorite shot of the month.

 A Lord's Day morning photo shoot for Nana and Great Grandpa.  The matching shirts were a gift from them. :)

And lastly, a new toy to build tunnels and bridges!


  1. So fun having you and your little sweeties here last weekend! Love these pics!

  2. Wow! Fun to see the brothers side by side, shows how much little brother is growing. And Little Mr. is looking all growed up too, especially in the Sunday AM photos. :) ~ Sjo


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