Monday, August 5, 2013

Daily Life: July

I am planning to make these "Daily Life" posts a regular monthly occurrence since the far-away-family seems to like them.  I won't be picking out blurry photos or worrying if my house is clean or not in these posts.  I want them to be just like our real life... a little bit crazy!  I know it is already August but we're not too far into the month, oops!  Here is our Daily Life in JULY... filled with all sorts of fun.

Little Brother got to try rice cereal for the first time in the beginning of July, but as much as he enjoyed it, he mostly made a mess and no, it did not help him sleep through the night.  So we shelved the rice cereal and will try again soon now that a month has passed since we tried the first time.

We didn't start rice cereal with Little Mr. till 6m old, it was fun to go back and look at those photos, click here to see Little Mr.'s version of the photo above!

Little Mr. still spends time each day making rows.  He also likes stringing beads, sorting colors, making animal noises, kicking balls etc.  He is now getting fairly good at picking his toys up at night before bed.  He sorts them into the bins by memory since I did not label them.  Practice makes perfect and sometimes he even teases me and tries to put a toy in the wrong bin to see what I will do.  What a little stinker!  He knows me so well. :)

I figured out that I can take the tray off of the highchair and it pulls right up to the bar area of the counter, making for a perfect coloring spot while I am working in the kitchen.  We draw roads together and Little Mr. drives on them with one of his favorite trucks.  He is also really interested in birds, horses, buses, dogs, fish, the sun and the moon and will point these things out throughout our days.  It is amazing to me how many details a toddlers mind notices throughout the day.  Little Mr. points out dogs in the back of trucks on the freeway, the moon high in the daytime sky, single birds flying high above, ants on the sidewalk, cats or fish on logos of semi trucks/food packages/clothing etc., and the list could go on and on.  It blows me away, can you imagine if the adult mind was still so sharp?

QUIZ:  Where's the baby?

There he is!  And at the point at which I took this photo, I had about 4-5 more items to shop for still. :)

Looks like it had been a long day for Little Mr. and sometimes the binky has to make an appearance at Costco if he is this tired. :)

I snapped this photo earlier in the month, because Little Brother was practicing arching his back and had gotten SO close to rolling over several times.  Since this photo he has rolled back to front as well as front to back.  Yay Little Brother!  He has scooted forward using his knees a few times also, which is fun to watch.  We also bought a used Jumparoo and he likes to jump a lot.

Playdate with the C kids!  FUN as always!

Chunky legs!

This month we were so excited to get a visit from Uncle Jeff and Auntie Glenna.  Little Mr. instantly loved Uncle Jeff and it was with a sad heart that we said goodbye to both of them when they left.

Yes, we have a thumb sucker!  Well... as you can see he actually sucks his finger and thumb at the same time.  At naps and night he is swaddled, but when he gets too big to swaddle, it will be interesting to see if he uses his fingers to self-soothe at night.

How do you entertain a bored toddler?  Call him his baby brother's name, treat him like a baby, put him in the exersaucer, give him toys, pinch his cheeks and walk away.  Little Mr. thought this was such a novelty and played in the exersaucer for at least 10 minutes before he said "stuck" and asked to get out!  Jackpot! :)

Another game of "where's the baby?"

Little Brother is quickly gaining on his older brother weight wise as you can see!  I think there is less than 10 lbs between the two weight-wise now.

Tummy time.

If you follow me on Facebook, you've most likely seen this already, but this was my garage sale haul after 5 hrs, 22 garage sales and $25 dollars.  My favorite item is the $4 antique teal lantern.  I had been eying these at antique stores but they were always $25-30 and I just didn't want to pay that.... but for $4 it looks so pretty on my hutch!  Maybe I will try and take a photo for next months Daily Life post.  Little Mr.'s favorite items are the two large books on the top right, First Words and Big Truck Book. He sits and flips through them for quite a while before getting bored, 10 cents each!

This shot is especially for the grandma that made that quilt. He sleeps with it every night now and says "oh oh"  if he doesn't have it.

Little Mr. is in charge of unloading the spoons and forks now.  I like his drawer organization lol, I guess he's not quite tall enough to see what he is doing.


Bedtime snuggles.


  1. So precious to see them growing up together!!! You do a good job of keeping memories and pics orderly!! Much better than the old albums....

  2. I love this post! And your Costco cart, and your garage sale score, and your chunky little thumb/finger sucker, and your bright-eyed big helper!

    1. Did you see that I got one of those farm lift the flap books? Not sure if it is exact one your boys loved to pieces, but it looks similar. It was 10 cents!!!

  3. Aren't the Costco carts great?! I love that there are 4 leg holes in the top seat... the Superstore only has 3, so the kids have to share a space for their closest legs. Now I use the bumbo instead of the infant seat though. It leaves more space for groceries and Usually Hal is awake for the hour we spend there.

    1. Yes, I am looking forward to the day that Little Brother no longer needs to nap at Costco and he can sit up in the seat area with his big brother. :) Never thought about the Bumbo in a cart, I bet that gets some looks? That would be really cute.


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