Thursday, August 1, 2013

Birch Bay Discovery Days

 We've always heard about Birch Bay Discovery Days, but never attended, so we figured now that we have a toddler interested in these types of things, we'd check it out!  Of course, the first thing we did was go to the parade and Little Mr. caught a RED sucker of all colors.

 He had a pocket full of candy pretty soon, and we eventually had to switch it all to a reusable shopping bag.  There was lots of candy!


 Candy... and a toothbrush, how practical!

 Down behind CJ's Beachhouse there were a lot of booths set up, I heard there were over 50, which I think is pretty good for Birch Bay!

 Hiding behind a bag of popcorn.

 I think this would make me feel so sick, but the kids inside these blow-up balls were having a blast!  The kid would climb in and there was a zipper they would do up after filling the ball with air from a vacuum.  Then they were rolled into the water where they rolled around and it was fun to watch!

Little Brother was happy on the walk home!


  1. We always see those hamster balls on the water at fairs and my kids always want to go in them....and I always say "it costs too much!". Haha--but they do look fun!
    How nice to get a toothbrush to go with all the candy!

  2. Looks like lots of fun for all.....good shots of your two darling little guy....and a handsome "big guy" too!! Yes, there's nothing better than a dear little baby asleep on you!!

  3. Those hamster balls look a bit crazy! very fun picture of the row of mail boxes! SJo


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