Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Boat Camping at Sucia Island (Day 3)

After a wonderful nights sleep at anchor, this was the view we were met with in the morning.  So lovely!

Good morning Little Brother!

We packed up a days worth of supplies and rowed over to Sucia to spend the day with Sallad and Grace.

Wild purple honeysuckle.

Fog, but I still find it pretty!

Fox cove.  The island in the center is Little Sucia Island.

My niece and nephew.

Bri and Little Mr.

Nap time for Little Brother.

Where we slept the night before.  The water looks really green from an algae bloom, it was pretty!

Hanging out at camp.

Heading home we had the most gorgeous cruise and created some of my best boating memories ever.

Waters this smooth in the Georgia Strait are definitely surprising, what an amazing treat.

Feeling the wind through his hair.  (Excuse the sunscreen layer, it had been a long day in the sun!)


  1. What a blesssing to boat on the lovely Sound!!!

    Great pics of you all!!

  2. Your family are expert Puget-Sounders. :-)

  3. You are making us do some research into such activities! Looks like so, so much fun.


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