Monday, June 4, 2012

A Coastal Drive and a Visit to Sandy Beach Park

With so many days of shortened or missed naps, one morning we decided to take it easy and have Little Mr. take a morning nap at the hotel.  We pulled the curtains closed, zipped him into his sleep sack and plopped him in his PeaPod and he had a much needed nap.

After the nap we headed out towards Hanauma Bay and drove along the coast.

The Mr. saw a huge splash of water and it turned out to be a humpback whale!  I caught this photo, but it would have been much more exciting to catch the huge slash.  At least it jogs our memory that we saw one.  It turns out that May is the very end of the season for humpback whale sightings, it was so cool to get to see one!  We watched it for just a minute before it disappeared.

Halona Beach Cove

This is where we saw the whale, and it looks to be a fairly popular spot to whale watch from the shore, since there was even a humpback whale facts board.  This is at the Halona Blow Hole parking lot.

I love this view!

The way the colors in the water change with depth is so beautiful.

This is the map that we used while on the island.  It would have been nice to have a map that was a lot more detailed, maybe next time!


We spent the afternoon at Sandy Beach Park.  Ten years ago on our honeymoon, this was the beach we spent the most time at.  I still have a small vase on the shelf in our front room that is filled with tiny shells that I collected from this beach back then. Sandy beach park is a beautiful beach, but you can tell from the way the waves hit the shore that it isn't one of the safest beaches around.  Of course all the warning signs might have been a clue too!  Little Mr. and I relaxed under the shade of the beautiful trees and watched while The Mr. and many others played in the waves.  It looked like a blast!

Look at that beautiful turquoise color in the waves!  Love it!

This is not the area that The Mr. was swimming in. :)

On the way home, I looked back to see Little Mr. zonked out with my sunglasses placed neatly on his lap.  I guess they had fallen there sometime after he had fell asleep, but it looks like he deliberately placed them there.


  1. Wow, you're bringing back some good memories. We used to live in Punalu'u (windward side, it's there on your map) and sometimes I really miss the islands. Not the high price of everything, and not getting island fever because it starts to feel small after a while. But the food? The flowers? The sun, sand and trade winds? Oh, man do I miss them. Thanks for the trip through old memories!

  2. Agreed!!! Great memories of this beautiful place!!


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