Friday, June 1, 2012

After the Zoo...

The Hibiscus is Hawaii's territorial flower.

I love seeing all the beautiful flowers blooming in Hawaii, and out of them all  I think Hibiscus are my favorite because my mom used to grow a red variety as a house plant when I was young.

We decided to go to Waikiki beach after the zoo, and Little Mr. fell asleep right as we arrived.  I was glad for him to get a nap!

I didn't mind the view and relaxed on the beach while he slept.

When he woke up he was ready for some sun.

We saw a Honolulu firetruck, complete with surf board!

We walked to Behihana for dinner.

They have a great, mouth-watering menu and we both ordered Hibachi Chicken.

Little Mr. liked playing the chopsticks and got his first taste of red paper.... yum!

Our chef was pretty funny, when he saw that I was taking a photo he posed and threw his knife in the air.  Watching the cooking process was very entertaining!

Each plate comes with a shrimp starter, grilled vegetables, sauces and rice.  The food was incredible!

Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia bloom.

The tiniest and fullest shirt shop in Waikiki (that's just my opinion, but it was tiny!.)  Just a few shops away from some of the most expensive and fanciest shopping I have ever seen.  What a contrast!

On the way way back to the hotel we stopped and bought ice cream and I got strawberry mochi ice cream.  This was my favorite dessert.  It is soft, smooth, flavored ice cream wrapped in rice dough and it is so good!  It comes boxed and is gluten-free.

Right before throwing out the box I snapped a photo of it so I could try and find it again.  It is proving to be hard to find locally but you can see all the different flavors here in larger packs. If you ever see this in a store you should definitely try it out.  I loved the strawberry and the next night I tried mango and it was good as well.  I've heard the Kona coffee flavor is really yummy too.  I would stay far far away from the red bean, but I think I would love the green tea flavor, as I am quite fond of green tea ice cream.

Next up: a beautiful drive down the coast and a visit to Sandy Beach Park.


  1. Trader Joe's sells that ice cream. I'm always looking at it and debating about whether or not to buy it and one time they opened a box to let me sample flavors : ) Thanks for the visit to the beach on this rainy day!

    1. MMMMM... that might be a bad thing! :) Thank you for letting me know! I wonder if the co op that I shop at has it too... never thought to check there.

  2. I think it's even that same brand @ TJ's - the mango is good! I've seen it @ Costco, but I bought some and toward the end of the box, it tasted a bit old. There's an interesting Japanese tradition associated with making mochi (the rice-paste part), too. -kdk

  3. A surfing firefighter would be a sight to see...


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