Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Beautiful Saturday

Saturday was a beautiful day to spend time outside and we decided to visit the Bellingham Farmers Market.  It was their second of the season and the busiest one we had ever attended.  It was so much fun!  Not only was there a ton of beautiful and inspirational things to look at, there were more food vendors to choose from and a lot of fresh local produce as always.

 A Hurdy Gurdy player.  Definitely an interesting instrument with a sound of it's own.  Not something I would listen to at home or in the car, but for the purpose of entertainment at a market, it's definitely entertaining!

The food vendors area.  There was a lot of different styles to choose from.  Pizza, pasta, salads, BBQ pork, Indian, Ethiopian and gluten-free baking.

Lots of people.

The Mr. ordered smoked pulled pork and various salads.

My favorite booth as always.  They still sell the little sheep, but they are neon for the summer.  See them all lined up on those little shelves?  They are very cute in their bright coats and would be perfect for decorating a nursery or kids room.  I just found out they have an etsy shop too!

Little Mr. riding in our new stroller.  It's the City Mini and we got it for 20% off of the sale price.  Yay!

This ornate clock on the corner of the building was 20 minutes late, it's not to be trusted I guess!

Later that evening we took the scenic route home through Birch Bay and I quickly shot these out the window as we were driving by.  The sky was beautiful!

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