Tuesday, April 10, 2012

East Sound, Orcas Island

On Saturday Sallad, Grace and their two kiddos Bri and Big A came up for a boat ride! We set out from Blaine harbor around mid morning and were rewarded with a beautiful, beautiful sight. The sky was blue and the water was calm. We decided it would be fun to make our way to Orcas Island and follow the long passage up the inner part of the Island, passing Rosario Resort and finally making our way to the tiny seasonal dock that is just a short walk from the village of Eastsound. If you look at this island map and find the huge East Sound inlet in the center of the Island and follow it all the way up, you will see the community of Eastsound.

Couldn't ask for nicer conditions!

Full speed ahead!

Far in the distance you can see a downtown or two of some city in British Columbia.

It was Bri's birthday on Saturday too! She is 4 now, and it seems like it was only yesterday when we all went camping to Stuart Island together for the first time. Look how little she was!

Grace and Big A. I can't believe he is two now! Both of Sallad and Grace's kids are at such fun ages.

Little Mr. took a nap on the way there.

We were still able to use his bouncy seat this time, but he is quickly growing out of it. Look at how his feet hang off the bottom! He used to be so tiny in it! The bouncy seat is such a nice place for him to nap, it's going to be rough when he grows out of it.

The Mr.

A horrible shot because we were moving quickly, but see the seals? They look fuzzy and dry basking there in the sun. We saw two or three groups like this over the course of the day.

Looking toward Eastsound from the dock.

Looking the other direction down East Sound.

Our timing was impeccable since it was Easter weekend and we were surprised with a little fair of sorts! There were bunnies and lambs to pet, a hay ride, egg hunt and lots of people walking around wearing bunny ears. :)

There were a few old cars parked in a row.

Little Mr. loved standing and watching these lambs.


He is standing by himself now as long as he has something to hang on to, and he loves taking steps behind a walker or hanging on to someones fingers.

This little bunny made me think of Thumper! He was such a fun little pet.

There were eggs set out for decorating.

We visited most of the shops in the town and this is the gorgeous view from the bookshop where we bought Bri a Fancy Nancy book for her birthday. There are lots of cute shops in the town, I love it!


I bought a wire basket similar to this one at this shop. I had my eye on some fishing floats and reproduction antique boxes as well, but left without them. I also bought Little Mr. a Shleich animal to remember the outing by, a little rabbit! I thought it was fitting since it was Easter and we had seen rabbits that day. It's been fun building our collection of these animals on different outings and trips.

On the way home, we pointed the boat for home and let Little Mr. take over. Okay, maybe not quite. He took a nap as well. :) I have no photos of the trip home because it ended up being a rough trip! Thankfully the rest of the day was so smooth that it made up for it. It is so nice that Spring is here, I've been enjoying the nicer weather SO much!


  1. What a perfect day to be out on the water! I find that the bottom of a boat is perfect for napping. I just put a thick blanket (or beach towel) down and they can still feel all the vibration from the motor and the noise from the boat blocks out everything else. Usually my babies are squinting to keep the sun out of their eyes and naturally fall asleep : )
    I always miss living in Gig Harbor when I look at your posts about being on the water!

    1. Great suggestion! I'd love to fall asleep like that.

  2. What an amazing day! :-) Beautiful pictures. I love your tradition of buying the Little Mr. an animal to remember his outings by. You should label all the posts like "shleich animal" or something where you've mentioned ones you've bought so someday if he forgets he can click the label and go back through them to read where they all came from. :-) Maybe that's just me being obsessive, haha. Or maybe that's something only a girl would do. :-) I'm a little more in tune to girl thought processes than boys, for some strange reason. :-)

    It's funny how many people just assume we're going to buy a boat since we moved over here. We are holding out. For now. But your posts don't really help me with my holding-out-on-buying-a-boat resolve. :-)

    1. I'm thinking of starting a list in the back of my/his journal. :) I like the idea of somehow labeling the posts though, because then he could see the pictures from the outing. I guess I could always add the "blogged on" date to the journal list too. :)

  3. Awww! He is getting so big! And Fancy Nancy books are great. Super fun for little girls! I can't wait to come out West. :)

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous day! So fun looking through the pictures. And there's nothing like a shleich to commemorate a fine outing like that!

  5. That sweater that Little Mr is wearing...D had one just like it...or did that one make it to your house from the Sask prairies? Darling in any case =)

    1. I bought it at a consignment store, but it must be a popular one because I've had more than one person tell me they had it for their son too! He's been wearing it for so long that it will be sad to pack it away in a couple of months.


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