Friday, March 25, 2011

Death Valley National Park, CA

Death Valley should have been temporarily named Rainbow Valley for the day, as we definitely saw a few! The Mr. and I went out of our way to drive through this national park, and we were glad we did. It was such an interesting drive and beautiful in it's own way.

Layers of colored rock.

Our first rainbow of the day-one of many!


We had to stop the car at a lookout point in order to see where this rainbow ended. It was so cool to look over a cliff and follow the rainbow down to the bottom.

Some rain, another rainbow and beautiful contrasting earth tones.

We did see our fair share of dust, but I would guess October is one of the greenest times to visit Death Valley.

More beautiful designs carved out of the rock.

Not in October!

Huge sand dunes. If you didn't know you were in California, you'd expect to see a white robed man leading a camel or two.

Death Valley has the hottest, driest and lowest locations in North America - down to 282 feet below sea level! We weren't sure where the lowest spot was, but we did see this sign. An odd sign to see so far from from the sea!


  1. I like living vicariously through Chatty and the Mr. Your adventures are many and varied.

  2. What kdk said! I hope you are feeling okay these days. I know it gets real long...

  3. I love these pics. They're amazing. I've given you the Inspiration Award for your blog, you can view it here:

    thanks for sharing, enjoy your award, hope to see you at my blog! :)


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