Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lincoln City, OR

October 4-7, 2010

The first stop on our 1 month road trip was Lincoln City Oregon. Lincoln City is a place to relax. You can smell the salty sea air, hear the gull cries and eat fresh salt water taffy to your hearts content. At our hotel you could make a waterfront fire and sit sipping a hot drink while watching the sun set, or lounge around all day enjoying the hot tub. With just a short drive included in yor day you could visit the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, the Sea Lion Caves or rent an ATV and play in the sand dunes all day.

The colors of the setting sun were reflecting on the water creating the most beautiful sight as we arrived at the hotel.

The next morning the sky was as clear as ever and the ocean was rolling in hard. We couldn't resist going for a walk on the hard packed sand.

Someone left this beautiful little sandcastle for others to enjoy.

Just looking at these pictures makes me feel relaxed.

The next morning I took this shot from our hotel window. It was foggy and beautiful in such a different way than the day before.

Later on in the day most of the fog had cleared and The Mr. caught this shot.

Sea Lions in the beautifully colored water.

See all the Sea Lions? There are so many!

Sea Lions with Haceta Head Lighthouse in the background.

I captured some shots of the sunset that evening from the small balcony off our hotel room.

The next morning it was grey, but visitors had arrived the night before!

Phone Guy and Princess brought their three little boys to play at the beach with us. Phi was still asleep in the hotel room so he missed being in this shot.

Saying goodbye to Lincoln City, OR.

And hello to sunny California!

Mt. Shasta

We're almost there!

And where is "there" you ask? San Francisco, CA! This photo was taken while we were driving over the Bay Bridge.


  1. Oooh, trip blogging! Yay! That blue sky is so bright and beautiful - great shots!

  2. That hotel did have awesome views! Bummer we missed the awesome weather the day before we arrived. The boys played on the beach all of about 15 minutes before we left town since it was soo chilly and raining. It was cool that you could drive out onto the beach just below the hotel tho'! I never knew Lincoln City had a place to do that.

  3. Beatiful! Sounds like so much fun!

  4. Amazing sun set shots. Glad you're doing your catch up blogging! I love Lincoln City. We went there a lot as kids and have gone once when Ezra was a baby. Bruce's Candy Kitchen is still a great place to visit : ) No one makes cinnamon salt water taffy like they do!

  5. The fifth picture is my absolute favorite! You should frame it, with a little photoshopping. It would match the real artwork on you wall!

  6. Wow Coralee! Finally am catching up on your blog and you did a great job!Beautiful pictures- thanks so much for sharing with us all!


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