Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ahhh, an Evening at Sucia

With all these recent "old news" posts popping up on here, you might think that we've been having a boring, lazy, relaxing summer. Well, I am here to prove you wrong. We've been out and about and here and there and part of the reason why I've been posting old pictures is because it's been easy. We've been having a busy summer, and that's the way I love my summers.

So.... having said that today I am going to post about a recent trip we took! Oh wait.... does that date on the file really read June 25? Almost a month ago? Well I'd better get my act together! The Mr. and I went boat camping to Sucia Island with Sallad and Grace and their kidlets. (If you didn't click on that link, there is a gorgeous panoramic shot of the island on that page you won't want to miss.) We took off after work on Friday, June 25th, from Blaine and headed out of Drayton Harbor and cut straight across the Georgia Strait over some pretty rough waters. The wave forecast had warned of 1-3 foot waves, which often means 1-2 and possibly 3, but this time it was more like 2-3 and possibly 4, the weather had changed on us! If nothing else it made for an exciting trip, I can't help but enjoy the feeling of adrenaline. The waves in this area can get much bigger than what we saw, but we obviously try and stay out of the ocean when that's the case. I did take some photos and a video of the huge waves, but neither turned out, as they were taken through the salt water droplet covered windows of the boat. There was a lot of splashing going on! Once we were across the Georgia Strait, things calmed down a little only to stir up again closer to Sucia. We had never seen such rough water so close to Sucia before, so it was quite a surprise. We were glad to be almost "home."

A shot of the water just as we are leaving the sheltered area along the main land. If it is choppy here, it often means the strait will be hairy!

As we pulled into fossil bay, we knew chances would be slim for dock space, as the bay was busy with boats, either moored on state park buoys, or anchored. As we pulled up to the area of the dock, lo and behold there was someone on the dock waving to us and pointing to a spot! Some nice older gentlemen on the dock had just squeezed over and made room for us, or which ever small boat happened to come in next. There were already some boats along the dock that were rafting (two boats thick in one mooring space) and it was just such a shocking surprise to be able to fit at the dock. I also can't tell you this without saying that it was definitely the smallest dock space we have EVER fit into, and we never would have made it if it wasn't for the seven well practiced older captains that were lining the edge of the dock guiding us into our slot. :) Thanks guys! There are such friendly people out in the San Juan Islands, it always amazes me.

Sallad and Grace invited us to eat dinner with them, and this was no regular camping food! (At least not in my opinion.) They had a dutch oven filled with a beef roast, onions, garlic, potatoes and carrots. Boy was it good! I am getting hungry just thinking about it. (Thank you guys so much.... we'll have to get a dutch oven for ourselves now that you have shown us how amazing it is.)

The kidlets resting in the kid bed. It's the coolest little pop up tent with an inflatable bottom and I think it's a great idea. It's a safe place to sleep or play, and it folds down into the size of a purse.

Sallad and Grace's boat at the dock, through the Madrone trees. This was taken on the path to the other dock.


Indian Pipe- my first sighting of this plant for the year. I saw bunches of about 9-10 "pipes" each of this interesting plant.

Stonecrop bloom.

Stonecrop greenery. It's sedum, but wild, and it's everywhere, and so beautiful.

Our view as we ate dinner in a little picnic hut at the State Park. It was a tad windy, but a beautiful evening. Look at that pink sky! It reminds me of the saying "Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning; red sky at night, sailor's delight."

Sallad and Grace's spot for the night. Theirs is the navy and white boat with the dingy to the side.

Pink moon.

View looking towards the set sun and the end of Fossil Bay. You can see a tiny part of Little Sucia Island (I think) and Fox Cove on the other side of the island.

Campers enjoying the evening. I like boat camping near tenters, because the air smells of wood fires. Although when you're boat camping and no one on the island is having a fire, there is often the smell of a good thick steak grilling on a barbecue. Quite a few boats have small barbecues mounted to their railings, and steaks seem to be a common weekend choice.

Getting ready for bed.

*Snore* I love the moon's reflection on the water. This photo is so relaxing for me to look at. Wonderful memories of a wonderful evening! What's your favorite camping memory?

Stay tuned for "Day 2" and see if that red sky really did turn into "sailor's delight" or not. :)


  1. I always love your posts. Looks like so much fun and great photos!

  2. I love the moon shots, too! Gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful! Sounds like so much fun! There's nothing like a dutch oven dinner. :-)

  4. Wow, the pink sky/moon pictures are awesome!


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