Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gingerbread Night

It seems that gingerbread house decorating is becoming a tradition here. This was the first year that the Mr. and I went to the meeting room for the gingerbread night, but I hope it wont be the last. It was such a fun evening! Not only were gingerbread houses and animals decorated but games were played, bellies were filled, crafty Perler doo-dads were created, sugar induced giggles were heard and the scent of gingerbread, apples and popcorn was in the air. Autumn and Winter are such heart warming seasons. It's time to bring out the blankets, start a puzzle and keep a pot of hot tea warm on the stove all day.

Susan did a lot of the planning and decorated the tables so nicely.

Perler beads are so much fun!

The beads even attracted grown men, who would have guessed! At first they were just helping the little girls use the hot iron to melt their designs together... but then we looked over and they were making designs of their own! We had the pleasure of meeting a brother in the Lord from the Australian island of Tasmania. It was his first time traveling so far and it was nice to get to know him.

Even though the photos of the kids above are so washed out (thanks so much fluorescent lights) nature was extremely beautiful right on the other side of that wall. Look at these colors!!! God is so good to give us such beauty to look at.

Baby Cake ate almost 1/2 this apple before the spaghetti dinner was served. She loved it!

The residents of this gingerbread house must have called 911 when their roof collapsed.

Gingerbread decorating time!!!! Recipe for candy distribution: one for the cookie, two for the mouth. Repeat as needed. Droo and Cake's mom made all the gingerbread and by the looks on the kids faces and the amount eaten by all, it looks like it was a hit! Obviously I didn't eat any because I eat gluten free. Next year I plan to bring my own gluten free gingerbread, I just didn't think of it this year. There was plenty of other snacks I could eat though. :)

Droo gets the idea!

Amber and Chiquita

The guys playing Phase 10.

Papered tablecloths are always an invitation for artists.

My favorites from this pile are Apples to Apples and Dutch Blitz, throw in Rummikub and I'm good to go. :)


  1. Looks like a fun time! Very cool that it was homemade ginger bread, makes it that much tastier! :D

  2. Love it! Am hoping we'll get around to working on some gingerbread architecture too!

  3. What a fun evening. Love the picture of the men doing the beading : )

  4. That looks like so much fun! :-)

  5. Those are just great pictures! The trees were gorgeous, weren't they? You did a super job with that gingerbread house. We should definitely do it again...maybe next year there won't be so much sickness going around!


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