Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I have great intentions to keep this blog up and running, but my computer thinks otherwise. Our computer has been dying a slow death for longer than we thought possible. On one hand it is nice that it is hanging on for dear life and on the other hand I wish that the new computer we want would finally be sold with Windows 7 on it so we could just put this poor girl out of her misery. I guess they are still getting rid of their old stock installed with Vista, but we just don't want to go there and would rather wait for new stock. Hopefully it will be worth the wait! I am tired of freezing screens and error messages one after the other. Meanwhile, I will try and blog when it lets me, but I do have to warn you that my posts will be far and few between depending on the mood of the computer!

Here are some photos from the last few months that don't really go together, but they are my favorites out of all my random day to day snapping.

An osprey is a beautiful bird that we don't often see at our house. This photo was taken right out my back window.

Here's a closer look, although it's a bit blurry cropped this small.

Whether it's rainy or sunny, I love the reflections on the pond. Um, I didn't mean for that to be a pun.

"Look how high I can climb Aunt C!"

Bri peeking out the car window at The Mr. and I.

Pink sky after a thunderstorm.

Four soaked girls on Lord's Day afternoon, you just can't keep kids from playing in the rain!

A train of 8 girls and a little boy caboose.

A new store in Bellingham called Texture Home.

I took these photos out my car window as I waited for The Mr. to come out of the Harley store. I did eventually plug the meter and go in for a look. Texture carries a variety of old and reproduction retro items for the home as well as artwork and locally made clothing.

Baby Cake making a mess in TJ Maxx.

Droo sleeping... why is it that kids can sleep anywhere and in any position and adults can toss and turn all night and wake up feeling like they haven't slept at all?!

Baby Cake and Droo saying hi to their dad. Don't those kids smile great for their "Auntie"?!

Emma was quite happy about her newly installed pigtails one night while I was babysitting.

Say "spaghetti!"

Dolly, Esther, Chiquita and myself. This is our Sunday School class photo for the new school season.

Ioi's baby shower at Aunt Connies home.

Ioi opening the blanket, hat and booties I crocheted for her new little boy. At this point we didn't know whether it was a girl or a boy so I used cream yarn. You can see the post announcing his arrival here. He is SO cute!

A rainbow we saw in Whiterock, BC after dinner one evening. If you look very carefully in the top right of this photo you can see a second arch.

It was impossible to capture the entire bow, it was so beautiful.

Once again Dee and I went shopping and Cake was the entertainment. We won't wonder why if she ends up being a vegetarian! That's A LOT of cold raw meat but at least it matches her outfit! Shortly after this photo we decided she could walk lol.

Yes, that is an entire box of butter on the bottom. It's so much cheaper for my Canadian friends if they buy it in the states and Dee had taken orders.
Bored, but very patient and cooperative kidlets. At least some random guy behind them smiled ha ha.

What happens when the kids throw crumbs on the floor? They vacuum the crumbs up themselves! How cute is this?!

A few days ago we were on yet another shopping trip together and decided to stop at the Custer Country Store.

Too bad I had him stand looking directly into the sun, this is such a sweet photo!

Droo tried on tons of hats in Fred Meyer, this one suited him well!

Mmm, eggnog latté!


  1. Sorry about your computer, both of ours are dieing as well so I think/hope by Christmas we will have a new one!!
    Looks like you made that baby the same thing you made MiniB! That's unusual that was their fourth and were having a shower, is that common in the states? Usually you only get one I thought?!

  2. That was a fun post! I love seeing photos of all the happenings up there and I love the Sunday School photo! You and the girls look great!

  3. Cute blog! I love your pics!
    Come visit my blog and check out my post on 'I/Me'!

  4. Great random post! That picture of the pink sky is really amazing.

  5. Wow, lots of great photos! Love the train of girls with little boy caboose! And the one of Cake at Target looking guilty! They're all good, though. Great way to preserve random memories!

  6. Christa- it's uncommon to have multiple baby showers but at the assembly here that's just what we tend to do! It's more of a welcome for the baby although this one was held before the birth, and usually a group money gift is collected. I think it's neat to celebrate each new birth, but it definitely isn't traditional!

    I am so glad everyone seemed to enjoy such a disjointed post. I had so many random photos that I enjoyed looking at and didn't know quite how to share them, so I just posted them all at once!

  7. that texture home store looks wonderful...I just might have to visit Bellingham one of these days... :)

  8. That was a fun random post, a little of a lot that's been happening. Works great especially when you can't post every other day! Loved all the pictures. Hope that new computer comes soon.

  9. FYI, any computer bought after June 6 is eligible for a free windows 7 upgrade. No reason to wait, unless the you aren't comfortable installing a new OS. I'm sure the techie boys could help you out ;)

  10. Whoa, am I seeing things right? A comment from my brother? I should post about computers more often lol.

    Yes we know that, but we don't want to go there. We just want a computer with a fresh clean start and nothing to fiddle with. We've had some frustrating computer problems in the last few years so we just want to buy a new computer with NOTHING to fix! :) We've already bought one at this point and I can't wait for it to arrive!

  11. I love all the pictures, but especially the osprey and the upside down sunglasses!

    Thanks for your comment. I think it helps others to know that it can be done.

  12. Phew! I'm glad to hear you already invested a new computer, especially since you dropped that comment about the Mr. loitering in a motorcycle dealership...


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