Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Regina Bible Conference

As a child, one of my favorite things was the Bible Conference in Regina, Saskatchewan. It was at the Canadian Bible College that had tons of hallways and rooms to explore and I have so many fun memories of the conference. This year I got to go once again but this year it was held at the Regina Christian School. It was a great place for a conference and one of the best things about having the conference at a school is that there is a playground!

The bible readings were in Ephesians 3 and were very good. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole conference and bought an MP3 disc if anyone wants to borrow it. The food looked amazing even though I didn't eat it because I eat gluten-free. One day they were serving pieces of lasagna as big as your plate! Literally, they were touching the edge of the plate on all four sides. One tip for gluten-free eaters at conferences is to take your own food! If you want a hot meal, just make spaghetti, put it into disposable tin containers with lids and warm them up in 1 inch of water in the bottom of a crock pot on high. I just set it up and turned it on before the morning reading meeting and it worked so good. I stayed out of the caterers way, and had yummy gluten-free hot food the whole weekend.

Hi there Kit!

Bye for now!

Playing nice with Chirpee.

J and H with their Grandpa E.

Watching for the ball, where did it go? It was so funny that she stopped and played with the big boys.

All comfy with Mommy at the Saturday night bonfire and hymn sing.

Empty chairs beside the gals and a bit of silly acting.... will the guys get the hint?! :) I love my sister's fuzzy blanket in this photo, maybe that is scaring the guys away?

Thanks for the great fire dad!

It was a small young people group this year, (30-40?) but it was a lot of fun. Sometimes small groups are great because you can really get to know everyone.

A busy mama kitty on the farm makes me glad that it is not common for humans to have this many babies at once!

Flax blooming in a field we passed on the way into town.

Kitten cleaning up after Lord's day lunch.

Some not so wild wildlife at my grandparents home.

Hello little finch. Why do you look at me so strangely?

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  1. Avah looks a little *craaa-zyy!* in the picture of her in the high chair... too much sugar for her, lol!


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