Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A-Camping We Will Go

Social Sister and I were up bright and early (I think it was August 5th) to stuff the tent trailer as full as we could. Good thing Dad was there, he is definitely the master packer in our family. Always has been, always will be!

On the road! This is Social, the master get-together planner. She did all the coordinating and booking and planning for the camping trip!

We stopped in Regina to pick up Nod and some bicycles. They have a townhouse in an alley that is lined with Hollyhocks and it is such a nice touch.

Canola almost done blooming on both sides of the road.

Two flax fields with a canola field sandwiched in between. The hawk was a neat surprise when I viewed the photos at home!

How to keep Kit busy? Show her a buckle of any sort. She loves to buckle and then get someone to unbuckle her so the game lasts as long as the other person is willing. She also says the word "buckles" but it sounds like "bad-guys." It is pretty funny to see a tiny little girl walking around saying "bad-guys, bad-guys?"

Dad lent us his truck to pull the trailer and we quickly doodled all over the windows in window markers. It felt like graffiti. My window said "Wanna Go Camping?!"

Wroxton, Saskatchewan with it's Ukrainian Catholic Church (or Ukrainian Orthodox Church- not sure which one this is) and grain elevator.

Below is a video of setting up camp, and Kit thoroughly enjoying chasing after the local ground squirrels. Our camping location was Madge Lake campground at Duck Mountain Provincial Park.

It looked a little wet around camp so we got a fire going and propped logs around the fire pit to dry.

This tent trailer brings back so many memories because it was the one we used as a family growing up. I can remember using it ever since Social was a toddler. It boasts bright geometric curtains with neon orange, olive green, brown, tan and mustard yellow.

Cousin Nate and his Pic-a-Pop. I guess it's all the rage and really yummy if you can get your hands on one. They were popular in the 1970's and are now being bottled once again in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Kit loves sunflower seeds!

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