Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Three Little Boys

Many moons ago, Phone Guy and Princess came for a visit and I forgot to blog about it. I really wanted to share the photos, so here they are!

I got to meet Jeffy for the first time. He is such a sweety!

Trying to open his eyes after a long nap.

Princess and I took the boys to a fun park in Bellingham called Cornwall park. The guys played disc golf, Princess played with the two older kids on the play structure and I babysat a sleeping Jeffy while crocheting a blanket for my sister in law's new baby that was not yet born.

Phi is getting so brave!

The next day was all day meeting in Marysville and there were lots of sleeping babies on the floor.


On Monday we visited Tennant Lake in Ferndale. Phi and I decided that operating the camera from ground level would be a lot easier than climbing all the stairs up to the top of the viewing deck!

Looking for tadpoles.

Wild Yellow Iris, or "Queen of the Swamp."

Yellow Pond Lily


The wooden walkway seems like it is floating as you twist and turn, but that is only because it is built at water level. It is really quite secure beneath you but you still want to keep the kids nice and close!

This family of ducks was actually spotted at a different visit a week earlier, but I thought I would just sneak them into this post.

Wild Rose

Inedible Twinberry


Princess and her three princes, Phi, Leroy and Jeffy.

Tennant lake is covered in the yellow pond lilies, which makes it look a lot less like a lake and a lot more like a swamp! Thankfully there are a lot of birds and frogs and I don't remember a lot of mosquitos.

Mt. Baker in the background.

The leaves are huge!

Pink Dogwood

After Tennant lake we drove to Bellingham and played at this little park near the marina.

Then we went for dinner at Anthony's Home Port- MMM! Phi liked the flowers at the front of the building.

The best burnt cream I have ever had. It is so good!


  1. Oooohhhh how fun! I wish that we could come for a visit!

  2. Darling pic of the two little ones sleeping with their arms around each other! Looks like a very fun park for the kids to explore--everything a kid likes-paths, water, dirt.....

  3. That was a fun weekend! Love your videos of the boys! Especially the ones at Anthony's :D


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